New 2014 Dodge Durango SUV Get Huge Welcome In The Global Market

2014-02-17 01:23:20
New 2014 Dodge Durango SUV Get Huge Welcome In The Global Market
New 2014 Dodge Durango SUV Get Huge Welcome In The Global Market

The Dodge Durango has been a name which brings image of authentic SUV with might body frame and striking performance, even on the rocky roads. This time, the Dodge Automobile has sleeked the model and added some of the trendy features to prepare the new 2014 Dodge Durango SUV with 3 Rows of Seats. 

There is no doubt that Dodge has always been known for the mighty cars and SUVs. The new SUV in the list of its car models is not a big thing or any car lover. Still, the new 2014 Dodge Durango SUV grabbed attention of not only the Americans and the British but also from the whole world. Clearly, the model has got something that nobody would have expected in it. Let’s find out the mysterious reasons behind the scene.

Technical Features

Obviously, the 2014 Dodge Durango Sports Utility Vehicle will be one of the power packs with a tremendous amount of load carrying capacity. But, this time, the experts of Dodge Automobile have taken its strength a step beyond. The whole model is powered by the standard 3.6L V-6 Engine with Regular Gas Model, making it a powerhouse of speed and performance. But, its ultimate spirit is from the 5.7L V8 Engine, which is capable of accelerating the SUV with breathtaking 360 Horsepower. This is the first reason why it stands out of the queue, the 8 Speed Automatic WOD Transmission being the other one. All these power sources together make it the ultimate loader with towing capacity of 7,400 Pounds. So, do not forget to take your yacht on next vacation.


The technical advancements are not the only features that have made the 2014 Dodge Durango SUV a highly demanded model. The modifications of Exteriors have given the sleek outlook. The authentic image of the model has been well preserved in its down slanting front Headlight, but giving the modern look due to straight narrow design. Talking about the Interiors, the model has been undergoing a complete renovation. The modular placement of the Gadgets, Advanced Control Panel, modern Music System with Bluetooth support and gentle Leather Finish makes it appealing SUV. Lots of Leg Space and spacious seats are yet another reason for choosing this SUV for your next vacations for a comfortable drive to the long distance beaches.

Overall Impression

Individually, all features of the new 2014 Dodge Durango SUV are striking. On the whole, the model gets excellent reviews from the experts, mainly for its refreshed styling. Side by side, stylish Interiors and option Touch Screen are some of the highly adorable features of the car. Actually, the model is designed with all major features of the large size SUV combined in the 2014 Dodge Durango model, but keeping the price of the SUV highly reasonable as compared to other SUVs in the market. The heavy weight of the model might look a trouble at first. But, this is what makes it mightier and powerful. After all, the mighty SUVs are what the Dodge Automobile is known for. 

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