Reviewing Buick Regal Turbo AWD & GS AWD in 2014

2014-02-15 07:22:14
Reviewing Buick Regal Turbo AWD & GS AWD in 2014
Reviewing Buick Regal Turbo AWD & GS AWD in 2014

Buick is a subsidiary brand of General Motors (GM), which holds to fame of being the oldest active American make. Buick models are now sold in the USA, Canada, China, Mexico, and Israel. Buick sold an estimated 1,032,331 vehicles all over the world in the year 2013, which a record set by the brand. Latest Buick Regal Turbo is one of the latest model Buick, which is all set to steal the show this year.

Buick is now the oldest active vehicle manufacturer in America, which is also known to be one among the oldest automobile brand in the world. The Buick corporation was established in 1899 as Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company, which was first into an internal combustion engine and motor car manufacturing. The company was later incorporated as the Buick Motor Company in 1903 by the Scottish entrepreneur, David Dunbar in Detroit, Michigan.

Now Buick is the subsidiary of General Motors, and into making of luxury cars, which are synonymous to power and style. The all-new 2015 Buick Regal Turbo is expected to hit the road this year, which is what the automobile enthusiasts were early looking forward to.

Since it returns for the year 2012 with the top-graded Regal, Buick’s legacy GS badge got injected with the much-needed credit as the GM’s most sleepiest brand. With a Euro-style balance of luxury and sporty features, Regal GS was boasting of its own tune with a 2.0-L turbo that provided the cushions of 50 HP and 35 lb-ft torque with the same engine in the mid-grade Regal Turbo. However, the Regal upgrade for year 2014 is witnessing a much up-scaled power plant in the models, which has got a fortified turbo.

The new Regal engine is an all-new 2.0-L four-cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger, it also got a crankshaft, direct fuel injection system, and twin-balance shafts. With a maximum boost up of 24 psi, engine can produce about 259 horsepower and also 295 lb-ft torque. So, the GS in turn witness a flat drop of 11 horses and the torque remain the same. On the other hand, the Turbo gains a decent 39 horsepower and about 35 lb-ft torque.

GS is making a maximum torque of 2500 RPM and it is 3000 RPM in the Turbo version, but the horsepower in both the variants got tapered off after 5300-RPM at peak. In the front-wheel drive GS, it is a six-speed manual transmission system and it is the GM’s automatic six-speed 6T70 comes as the default choice for the GS AWD models.

Also the 2014 version brings in new (optional) Haldex all-wheel drive mechanism too which can easily shuttle up to 90% of the power to the rear wheels and rest to front. Also there is an electronic limited-slip differential that can part the torque to both the sides of rear axle alike. In spite of the extra weight, the turbo-charged AWD Regal can achieve 22 mpg EPA rating as the same as that of the 2013 front-drivers. The 2014 FWD models are now garnering about 24-mpg estimates, which can be possible in every sense. The all-wheel-drive Regals also feature control-arm rear suspension with multilink setups, with the GS continuing to wield the front Hi-Per struts against the torque steer. Turbo has got conventional struts. 

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