Lotus Exige S-Top class model renowned with luxury and style

2014-02-07 02:17:12
Lotus Exige S-Top class model renowned with luxury and style
Lotus Exige S-Top class model renowned with luxury and style

Being a luxury sedan, the history of the car Lotus Exige S traces its days back to 2008. Possessing a 3.5L engine, the car is based on V6 engine based one. A 2+2 sports car being introduced is mated with six speed transmission. Being the British manufacturer of racing and sports car, Exige S is a classy model to race. 

To enjoy the drive classically, you need to possess a car on your own. Nowadays, car has become one of the important assets in our day to day’s life. Car is an aspect, which gains popularity among all class of people. Every individual are very keen to buy a car for their daily routine. It is not a kid’s stuff to anyone, to buy a car. It includes a lot of procedures and processes in buying a car. An individual should select the brand from which he wishes to purchase a car. Finding the best classy model suitable to his expectations and also his budget is much important. Comparing each car’s specifications and the features can make the individual select the best for him. The brand is the first aspect that tops up. It should be a stunning model giving the way to style and luxury. One of the qualitative and a standard manufacturer of cars is Lotus which is at the top of the zenith of glory. From the family of Lotus, Exige S is a high ended model dominates luxury.

Advantages from car:

Choosing a car model from this company is actually a first advantage. It is a well known and a standard organization from a long period of run in this field. One of the best available cars in this brand is Exige S. The first advantage of the car is that it runs on 85% ethanol fuel and it is gives out very less smoke turning the environment very much eco-friendly. It is naturally an eco friendly car. And this car has a high power that it can runs in 264 horse power at 8000 rpm. The compression ratio of this car is about 11.5:1. If you look out the performance of the car, then you will certainly turn astonished at this car, as it can run 264 km per hour. This is one of the top advantages of owning a car. Actually it is a milestone for this brand, as it is one of the top performing and a most selling car in Lotus and another thing is that it is the first bio-ethanol fuel running car.

Specifications of car:

As it is made of aluminum, you need not worry about the quality and standard of the car. It is coated with a light weight steel rear sub frame which adds the additional beauty to the car. The gear box is a six speed gear box and the engine is 280 cc and also the car is made of a 2ZZ VVTL-I engines. The car possesses an engine of 3.5 L V6 based model. So, it is one of the powerful cars of this brand. If you talk about the brake system, it is much extraordinary as it is 4 Piston AP racing calipers. Lotus has also enhanced this car with ABS braking system which gives the user an additional safety. Talking about the variants of the car, it is available in three exterior colors, is an interesting one. The wheels are manufactured in a very good manner, as it is made up of five spoke forged alloy which is an added safety to the user of the car. Also, the interiors and exteriors are never dull, where you can find stereo system, seat belts, AC vents, spacious cabin, elegant handles and leather seats, and lot more, along with these, the exterior is much enhanced with a classy look.        

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