Perfect Hybrid Mercury Milan – Review

2014-02-04 09:28:37
Perfect Hybrid Mercury Milan – Review
Perfect Hybrid Mercury Milan – Review

Mercury is a subsidiary brand of Ford Motors, which was established in 1938 by the Edsel Ford, who is the son of Sir Henry Ford. The aim was to make entry-level luxury model cars. Most of the Mercury models were however based on Ford platforms itself. The Hybrid version Mercury Milan was released in 2010.

An interesting fact to be known about the manufacturer is that the name "Mercury" was derived from the Roman mythology, who was the messenger of gods. During its early years of inception, the Mercury brand was well known for its performance and style. The cars were sold in the markets of USA, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Middle East. Later in 2011, the brand was phased out altogether as Ford Motors put more attention on building up and marketing the Ford as well as Lincoln brands. Manufacturing of Mercury vehicles got ceased in the last quarter of 2010 itself.

The 2010 Mercury Milan hybrid is built on the basis of all-new Ford Fusion with an engineering perfection of building up a hybrid system which is capable of delivering 41 mpg in city driving and 36 mpg on highway. It was also an achievement to get a performance of 47 mph while running on electric power. The vehicle cost about $31,235, which is just a $4,000 up from the standard Milan or the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Ford wanted to build up the image of Mercury Milan and its counterpart, the Ford Fusion to lead their show in the hybrid car market war and Mercury Milan, with its features surely show up to meet the expectations to a big extent. Milan has got powered by a 2.5L gasoline engine, which is coupled with a high performance electric motor, producing a decent 191-HP power and 166 ft-lbs torque. Ford claims that if you can quill the gas pedal right, you can pull away from a dead stop to 47 mph just on the electric power. There are a multitude of dashboard indicators, collectively named as ‘Smartgauge Cluster’ can allow you to custom select any one of the four modes of information display while driving.

Milan can get accelerated very briskly, but smoothly and power flows seamless between the gasoline and electric models and you will hardly able to sense the difference between being powered by electric of gasoline. It can simply hit 60 mph in just 8.7 seconds. You will find passing on the two lane road or onto highways is very easy and flexible with no difference from the standard gas engine performance.

The advanced technology of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) allows a very smooth delivery of power and the passengers don’t feel any downshifts or upshifts. This sophisticated mechanism also helps Milan to achieve an excellent mileage too, which is rated at 41 mpg on city drive and a fair 36 mpg on highways. With the tank capacity of 17 gallons, running over 600 miles at a stretch is made a reality.

Milan has also got an excellent braking system, which can bring the vehicle to a dead stop from speed without causing trouble. The brakes are also regenerative, which means they can capture back 94 percent of the energy from the electric batteries and can also offer a pretty enhanced feel on the pedal than the conventional braking.

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