Reviewing the Featherweight Lotus Elise

2014-02-04 09:24:12
Reviewing the Featherweight Lotus Elise
Reviewing the Featherweight Lotus Elise

Lotus Cars is a famous British manufacturer of sports coupes and racing cars. TH famous models of Lotus are the Elise, Evora, and Exige sports cars, ridden by the Formula I Team Lotus. Lotus Elise is a strong competitor in the sector of those hitting a mile from standstill in just less than 5 seconds, by offering a commendable fuel economy too.

Lotus Cars are now based on the old site of RAF Hethel, which was one of the famous airfield in Norfolk during WWII. The company is well known for designing and marketing, racing and production lightweight automobiles. The lotus also owns a specialist engineering consultancy named Lotus Engineering, which has got its facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia and China. Lotus is basically owned by DRB Hicom through their functional subsidiary, Proton, which had acquired it in 1994 after its former owner Romano Artioli got bankrupted.

In the category of the 480-HP Nissan GT-R as well as 600-HP Dodge Viper, there are a pretty good number of other cars which can hit a mile-a-minute in less than 5 seconds from the standstill. But, as far as the fuel economy of these models are considered, simply heartbreaking for those who are bothered to consider it. So, there are only just a few numbers you can count while considering cars hitting this additional need too, and Elise is surely one among them.

Lotus stays somewhere in between the Bimmer which can hit 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and the Vette which can do the same in a flat 4 seconds flat. Lotus Elise is capable of offering a decent 4.8 seconds to reach from zero to 60 mph. Also in terms of EPA, Lotus got a rating of 21 mpg in the city drive and 27 on highways. Whereas the close competitors are BMW and the Corvette, which offers a bit lesser at 26 mpg on highways.

Lotus Elise better seems to be a trickier automotive when compared to its competitors in the class. You can find that Lotus has got only about two-third of the horsepower of a BMW; however, it accelerates faster than that of the BMW. That is at one end and on the other, we can see that it offers a better mileage on the highway than the Corvette. One trick is that the Elise does not carry any extra weight to zaps its high fuel economy advantage. Lotus is capable of making only 190 horsepower and each of the ponies can move up to just 10.4 pounds flat. It is however better than the BMW’s 11.3 pounds per HP; but just not as par with the Vette’s 7.6.

To keep the weight below the ton mark, Elise had also dome some compromises on the practicality, which may affect if Elise is taken as a daily driver. It lacks in the backrest adjustments, no glove box, carpet is missing, no arm-rests, and the trunk which not adequate for something more than some small handbags. However, once you fit yourself into the tiny cockpit comfortably, Elise can quite surely offer you to greatest sports car experience.

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