2014 Mirage From Mitsubishi – Compact Family Car For Five

2014-01-29 10:31:15
2014 Mirage From Mitsubishi – Compact Family Car For Five
2014 Mirage From Mitsubishi – Compact Family Car For Five

The Mitsubishi has always designed the car model for every aspect of life. This time, the all new 2014 Mirage model has been modified to be a part of the family life of the person. Resembling the diamonds of the Mitsubishi, the model has been a major hit in the global market due to its excellent features. 

The Mitsubishi Mirage has been designed to be a compact, funky friend of the day to day life. Now, it has been modified for the 2014 model to enhance the pleasure the family long family drive. Including the awesome color range, the model is available in the Blue, Red, Purple, Black, Gray, Green and White colors with a glossy finish and gorgeous look. There is no doubt that the features of the model are also gorgeous, defining a new meaning to its attractive look. Let’s have a look how it fits best in the family car frame.


The Mitsubishi Mirage is covered up with advanced tech stuff apt for the city roads. The 12 valve 3 Cylinder Engine with 1.2L Combustion Capacity delivers the most apt power for city roads. The 5 Speed Manual Transmission (CVT) gives proper control over the drive. Alongside, the 14 Inch alloy wheels, ECO Status Indicator, Electrical Power Assist and lots more together makes it a hi-tech compact sized car from the Mitsubishi. Side by side, such advanced integrations are optimized for the ultimate fuel efficiency.

Interiors And Outlook

The 2014 Mirage, as per its name, is just like the mirage of the attractive outlook and the beautiful interiors. The 5 seat space has been cleverly arranged in the modular design to make it highly spacious within the compact body frame. The spacious Boot Space makes it sophisticated for the long family drive by making enough room for luggage. Also, the Leg Space and the sitting space make it feel highly spacious and comfortable. Finally, the inbuilt GPS with HD Touch Screen and Music System with super cooled AC give ultimate relaxation over the robust and durable seats.


The family car must be highly safe and secure at priority. Fortunately, the 2014 Mirage is just like the mirage for the accidents and jerks. The advanced GPS also predict the collision prone zone with its advanced software. Also, the integrated air bags and automatic stability feature helps protecting passenger while passing through risky roads and curves. In short, the modifications in the model have been based upon the safety features as well to make it highly safe and sound for the entire family.

Overall Impression

The final impression of the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage model is more than just the fantastic. The model is optimized by the experts for the city roads, thus, giving the maximum fuel efficiency in the Economy Speed zone. The perfect combination of the technology, comfort and design makes it highly compatible for a family of five. Alongside, the affordable price and the savings on the fuel cost make more than just the car for a family. In short, it can be considered a gift from the Mitsubishi Motors to all the families of the world.


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