60 Volvo – Furnishing The Style And Power Performance Together

2014-01-24 22:51:05
60 Volvo – Furnishing The Style And Power Performance Together
60 Volvo – Furnishing The Style And Power Performance Together

Furnishing the style and comfort altogether, the 60 Volvo SUV is known for its ultra sleek design and power pack performance on the roads. Volvo has always been a name for the powerful touch of the technology and elegance, crafted in the strong frames with added safety and reassurance.

The 60 Volvo SUV model has been a major breakthrough in the world of the top notch cars for VIPs. The design reflects the true authenticity and style, hiding the large range of vivid technology optimized for the smooth drive over the highways and city roads. After many modifications and updates, the model has been made highly smart and advanced to meet the requirements of modern generations. Let’s have a quick glance over its features that make it stand out of the crowd of the SUVs.


The 60 Volvo model is based upon the theme of the XC60 concept cars which was developed during 2007. These models were based upon the DAN technology, which was mainly evolved by the company. The model was integrated with the new mechanism with electronic boot-lid and large 20 inch wheels. However, the model was not that successful as it was too advanced for the common man to be used in day to day transportation.

Modifications In The Model

The XC60 concept cars of the Volvo company were modified for developing a car that can have the advanced features of this new concept model but can be sleek and sophisticated for the people so that it can be used on the city roads without any glitches. This gave a new rise to the model which was later released in numerous variants, including the most demanded models of 60 Volvo Company.

Specialties Of Model

Firstly displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008, the 60 Volvo SUV was modified to produce a large number of variants to meet the vivid demands of the car lovers all over the world. The standard model of the car was loaded with the awesome 153 KW engine with automatic transmission. In addition, the XC60 SE (Standard Extra) model was loaded with extra power of 227 KW 6 cylinder petrol engine for ultimate performance on the city road. Side by side, there is Standard Extra Luxury (SE LUX) model that was loaded with the same engine, but with the added versatility for luxury and comfort. Later on, it was launched with a number of variable combinations including diesel engine with overwhelming 202 HP at 4400 RPM, making it too swift for the highways that it was often featured as the ‘Racing Car on the Roads’. All these models were given 6 speed manual as well as automatic transmissions as per the choice of the car buyer.

The journey does not end here as there is further development of the model to make it a hybrid car for the future generation. Many concept models of the 60 Volvo SUV have been released in the market. However, the company is still in the race to develop the astonishing car model with perfect thrill and comfort. 

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