59 Volkswagen Beetle – Defining New Style Of Joyous Drive

2014-01-24 22:49:26
59 Volkswagen Beetle – Defining New Style Of Joyous Drive
59 Volkswagen Beetle – Defining New Style Of Joyous Drive

The Volkswagen has always been a prominent name in the automotive industry, defining a new meaning of style and comfort with jolly new design and performance of its marvelous car models over the century. The 59 Volkswagen Beetle has been one such model in the market, which has molded the vision of a joyous drive from high power to perfect balance of performance and style. 

The 59 Volkswagen Beetle has emerged as a highly versatile car model with time. There has always been the possibility of improvements yet giving a completely sophisticated stuff to car lovers. Right from its first launch to the current time, it has undergone many changes yet not only survived, but also thrived as among the top notch car models in the world.

VW Beetle RSi In 2001-03

The Beetle RSi, when released in 2001-03, was a major breakthrough among the people who wanted something different for their family or friends. However, it was presented as the limited edition including 224 PS, 221 HP engine with 6 speed manual gear box. Its effective 4wheel drive technology was rumored as the Porsche tuned system, but proved to be a major success during this time. Trimmed with the carbon fiber frame, the model was modified at later stages with additional inclusion of technicalities to present something new to the car lovers.

Vw Raster Beetle

The 59 Volkswagen Raster Beetle was introduced in 2005 as the future concept model of the 2001-03 Beetle. Being a futuristic model, the car was the perfect blend of amazing design and form factor with integrated technology and sophisticated interiors. However, the model didn’t get commercial success due to over futuristic touch in its design. However, the same model was further improved resulting in the final release of 2010 Beetle model which became the major success in the market.

59 Volkswagen Beetle 2010

Finally, the 59 Volkswagen Beetle 2010 model was introduced, first, in Los Angeles in 2009. The model was loaded with many fascinating features including the convertible roof, unique 17 inch wheel design, whit painted panel and lots more, yet making it simple and sober. The model was powered by the advanced 2.5L engine and was optimized for the city roads. Apart from the inclusion of a semi-automatic Triptonic transmission, the model was loaded with sport styled suspension and added safety features. The model was presented in the market with two variants, each of which was loaded with fog light and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Unfortunately, this was the last model of the VW Beetle, after which the production was cut off officially.

No matter if the VW officials do not want to continue the Beetle modifications, it will always have the new models for amusing the car lovers with its amazing design, form factor, and technology. Obviously, there are various other VW models on the roads that are swiftly replacing 59 Volkswagen Beetle 2010 model. However, it is still a jolly car model that every car lover would like to have in its garage as a souvenir. 

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