Toyota 2014 – Vigorous Autonomy Of Style And Performance

2014-01-24 22:47:40
Toyota 2014 – Vigorous Autonomy Of Style And Performance
Toyota 2014 – Vigorous Autonomy Of Style And Performance

There is no doubt in the fact that Toyota has thrust up among some the pioneering automotive companies of the world. In 2014, its models have been a major breakthrough throughout the world, including blends of some high profile technology, style and comfort.

Recently, Toyota has produced some of the highly inevitable models with a sleek profile and elegance. The company has designed a large series of car models, at least, one each for every mood. In 2014, car lovers from all over the world have ranked up three major models of the company as the top notch cars of time. Let’s have a quick glance over these 3 ground breaking models.

2014 Toyota 4runner

As the name suggests, the 2014 Toyota 4runner is designed with an aggressive touch for those who want to be out of the crowd with passion and style. The model has been loaded with versatile technology to handle rough roads. Being a fabulous SUV, the 4runner is extremely flexible towards its moving style, giving the comfort of multiple modes to its passengers. Regular unleaded V6 engine, 17 mpg gas mileage and rear wheel drive are all the features that give power to its swift drive. However, the latest safety features with extra Air Bags in front and stylish leather interiors makes it really effective in letting you enjoy the complete fun of safari ride.

Toyota Matrix

Released recently, the Toyota matrix resembles the attractive look just like a formal car with little added touch of passion and professionalism. The Gas I4 (1.5L) engine along with versatile front wheel drive makes it highly smooth over the city roads. Designed for the metro cities, the model gives 26 mpg mileage within 5 speed manual gear transmission. Not to forget its special model with added safety features which allows the long drive over the highways without worry. The advanced tire technology and the integrated modern gadgets make it further effective model for the professionals who want to reflect a bit casual aspect of their life.

2014 Toyota Fj Cruiser

FJ Cruiser, and cruiser in its performance, is the model designed for ultimate ride to the mountainous region, driving over the rocky roads with ease. The model is integrated with the Unleaded V6 engine with 4.0L capacity. This SUV is based upon the rear wheel drive with advanced safety features and technical gadgets including the fantastic music system, ye looking innocent from the outlook. The model offers the ultimate voyage to the hilly areas without any technical hindrance.

All 3 models described above are reviewed as the best three models of this year and has been in the great demand all over the world. However, the experts from Toyota are still working on the improvements on these models to meet the rising demands of car lovers. Toyota has, no doubt, emerged as the brand that designs vehicle for mood and integrates the technology for power performance. In fact, this is the features which make Toyota better than any other automotive company in the world. 

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