LaFerrari 2014 – Furbishing The Ultimate Ferrari On Roads

2014-01-24 22:13:12
LaFerrari 2014 – Furbishing The Ultimate Ferrari On Roads
LaFerrari 2014 – Furbishing The Ultimate Ferrari On Roads

The Ferrari caters the blend of the style, modern technology, racing spirit and advanced integration of the latest gadgets. Recently launched, the La Ferrari 2014 model has proved to be much more enthusiastic than it was expected, not just because of its appalling reputation and outlook, but due to its outstanding features that make it marvelous out of all others in the market. 

The Red color quickly pops up the image of the red Ferrari with awesome motor sound and swift acceleration making the car flying on the roads. The LaFerrari 2014 model has been a major breakthrough in the field of the road racing cars. The model has been designed in the overwhelming spirit of racing car, but optimized for the city roads and highways. Hence, the model caters the excellent blend of the style, power and speed. In short, the model has all the features that are enough to trap any car lover in its trap of awesomeness. Let’s have a quick glance over what it had got to impress a new generation of car lover.


The thrilling and dashing look of the Ferrari has been integrated with the glamorous look from the side. The model has been designed with a swift aerodynamic pattern to cut off the air flow at the high sped race on the highways. The model is crafted to aid boost to the body acceleration with its amazing flow diverging technology. Designed for the new generation of the car lovers, the model has been equipped with all stylish features, including the optimization for the uplift doors on demand. The whole body is computerized with the clever microchip network, handling each and every vital process of the car while it is on the high speed run. The thrilling drive is enjoyable with its ultra advanced set of gadgets including mind blowing music system and air conditioners.


The LaFerrari is none other than the new racing model on the highways. It has been powered up with an influential 6262cc engine with 789bhp over 9000 RPM. In the combination with the electric motors of 161bhp, the combined power of 950 BHP is easily generated for the quick acceleration, enabling the driver to fly from still to 124 MPH in just a matter of 7.0 seconds. The top speed of 219 MPH+ can be achieved with minimum CO2 emission of 330g/km. This modern La Ferrari 2014 model is integrated to give the excellent power control with 7 speed F1 dual clutch transmission gear box. The Active Aero Cooling technology and the awesome joy of the royal interiors in leather touch together makes it the more wonderful Ferrari model on the road yet.

There is no doubt that the Ferrari stands out of the crowd with its awesome style and glamorous appeal to attract car lovers all over the world. The LaFerrari 2014 has been launched in the market with optimized assembling of the features as per the demand of the buyer. In short, the company is again on the floor to rock the world with its dashing Ferrari brand beats. 

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