Hyundai Eon-A tiny sedan for your comfort

2014-01-23 02:00:48
Hyundai Eon-A tiny sedan for your comfort
Hyundai Eon-A tiny sedan for your comfort

Being a city car, the history of Hyundai Eon traces its days back to the days of 2011. Possessing a 5door hatchback as its body style, the layout of the car turns out to be front engine based. Possessing 814 ccEpsilon G3HGl3 gasolines, the car possesses the 5speed manual transmission. The car has lots of safety aspect that make you get protected. 

The car is the treat for every owner whenever a car is present. A car can still provide the better aspect of driving as well as the high level of comfort, when you possess it. The car is a stylish segment present in the house of every individual. When a car is present in a home, certainly reaching on time is never a question as well as it can proudly provide the high level of comfort along with signaling of the status too, isn’t it? But, when a car is chosen by an individual, he needs to look after the aspects like stylish segments, look of the car, better interiors and exteriors as like the owner expects so. These are highly met, when an individual selects the car from the house of Hyundai, Eon is one such proud introduction of Hyundai.

Tiny Sedan-EON:

Being a 5 door hatchback, the Eon car possesses the 3 cylinder petrol engine. The car comes in both variants like petrol and diesel based. The car being a 5 seater, it can still focus highly on the aspect of safety. Also, the car is highly notable for its performance as well as stylish look. The car is considered to be the entry level car, yet the car’s specifications and performance can highly attract any individual who looks for the small car being budgetable too. The car possesses the 5 speed manual transmission gearbox.

Features Tempting to own an EON:

The car has definitely given a stiff competition to its rivals. Turing to stand as the value for your money being paid, the interiors of the car itself is like a cute heavenly one. The car possesses the attractive music system; leather seats, classy handles, sunroofs and rain sensors wipers, and even lot more that can keep you stay cool with its specifications and features. Being a small car, the car can give you the impressive 21kmpl. Being the budget based car, this can keep you stay in your spending limits with its cool features offering the value for your investment.

Air bag, front lamps being fog based, speakers, and lot more can make the car look the best option for the affordable budget which you pay it so. When you think of the car’s exterior, the body of the car is metal colored too. The car turns out to be in more number of variants up to 3 as like the individual expects so. The car is still superb while considering the power of the car, also the car is still attractive when you use it on the Indian roads, as it’s designed considering the narrow roads. 

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