GMC Acadia-Impressive option for you

2014-01-22 23:57:26
GMC Acadia-Impressive option for you
GMC Acadia-Impressive option for you

The history of GMC Acadia car goes back to the days of 2006. Being a full size crossover SUV, the body style of the car is 4 doors SUV, with front engine layout, the car possesses the 6speed transmission. Rear suspension of the car uses the H linked design which is so smoother to ride. Possessing around 6airbags the car is highly focused on safe driving.

When you think of considering the purchase of a car, you may definitely turn on the aspects before you take a try. It’s always a status symbol, whenever you indulge in trying a drive. Driving a car should give you the standard quality while driving. At the same time, you must feel the level of comfort simply on its drive. There are countless cars being exhibited in the market, yet the few lines up on account of the quality drive. One such car can be the beautiful and unique Acadia from the house of GMC. One of the innovative models from the company of GMC turns to be the elegant Acadia. The Acadia turns available both in 2WD and AWD models. This car is one of the safest model cars in the market. The 4 litre displacement engine is directly injected with V6 with 4 valves in each cylinder and it turns controlled using Camshaft Technology. This car produces a maximum power of 6,300 with its engine at 3,400 rpm.

Spacious sedan:

The maximum torque of this car is offered at 3,400 rpm. The engine offers a best compressible ratio of 11.3, making the car an impressive model in the market. It is considered to be one of the best among the luxurious sedan, as it offers maximum of space for 8 people to travel at a time. It’s optional with 19 to 20 inches wheel and that looks amazing. This SUV offers you with 4 wheel discs anti-lock brakes. This car comes to the market with the up gradation of extra added features. The features of the car include DVD player, Navigation panel, the sunroof, etc. Rear back up camera is one of the best features available in this car, which helps you to get the view directly. It’s heated and cooled seats offers the passenger a great comfort level, naturally. The buyers need not worry about the choice of colours as it offers 10 colours to its exteriors. Even the car is available in 5 interior colours. On the part of warranty, this car has given the customers a 5 year warranty, which is a sound option. The seats can be folded and a lot of cargo is allowed to be kept inside the car.

Exclusive design:

 At a time 7-8 persons can board in, conveniently. There are additional 2 wireless headphones for the persons to hear separate music. On considering about the seats, the first two pairs of seats are exclusively designed for adults and the next pair is exclusively built for children. A navigation system is also optional. The XM satellite radio is really an added advantage, which can provide the choices of commercial-free stations. Lots of added features, keep added on to your list. Not to worry about the comfort level, it affords. The buyers can be assured that the components used for manufacturing the car are highly reliable. This luxury sedan is ultimately a crossover SUV. Talking about the safety part, the car definitely possesses the airbags both in front and side. A luxury is never a question here in this car along with the assurance of safety features. The car is gifted with 6speed automatic transmission. Al-wheel drive version turns available too. Talking about the drive, then you are almost happy with the qualitative drive. 

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