Dodge Viper Dart-Modern loo to your drive

2014-01-22 23:33:41
Dodge Viper Dart-Modern loo to your drive
Dodge Viper Dart-Modern loo to your drive

The history of the Dodge Dart vehicle traces back to the days of 2013. Being a compact car, the body style of the car is 4 door sedans; the layout of the car is FF layout. Possessing the 6speed transmission, the car is a 2.4 litre engine. It possesses 16 valve. 

The elements that offer the various options like quality and comfort are most importantly given much a preference by the individuals. Any individual highly looks for the option of seeking comfort. Whatever the element is, generally individuals prefer comfort along with quality. Car is one such element that attracts the attention of any individual. In such cases, a car can highly provide you the qualitative drive. On pointing such amenities, the car from the house of Dodge is awe-inspiring. Giving an enhanced look to your drive is what Dodge offers proudly. The largest compact sedan on the market is Dodge’s Dart. The 2013 Dodge Dart brings in the user, the aspect of being more convenient by adding a lot of features. It has a front wheel drive; the car is a five passenger being a four door sedan. The transmission is six speed manual or automatic gear box. Its powerful engine offers the user to run the car to 60 mph in just around 6 to 9 seconds. 

Spacious sedan:

The car’s wheel base measures till 105 inches, also the fuel tank can hold fuel up to 16 gallons. It has a clean and a modern look on its exteriors part. Considering the interiors, the sedan gives an elegant look being much more spacious. On the dashboard, there is a presence of half circle tachometer, a speedometer, and a circle fuel gauge. On talking about the features inside the car, the car possesses an optional large crystal clear 8 inches LCD touch screen interface which provides the car user’s the high-ended options to entertain and to navigate. The buttons are large, so that they are easily visible. On the part of safety, Dart possesses the coil springs, gas shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar and also the multi links. These features are available in the front and back part also. The presence of front and rear airbags, engine immobilizer, stability control, tire pressure monitoring and a lot more are the features of the car.

Enhanced features:

The car has an automatic climatic control system which naturally adjusts the car according to the climate present. Remote power door locks, cruise control, rain-wipers, rear defogger, 4 speakers, FM and a CD player are the additional features included in this car. The best and a very rare added advantage is the wireless charging of the Smartphone’s. This option is suitable to Android phones, Blackberry, etc. As of now, the car is definitely a new innovation in the market. Even this option is compatible with MP3 devices too. Not to worry about the presence of air bags, as the car has 10 airbags. Additional safety features include rear view camera and a blind spot monitoring system. On considering about the choice of colour, it hits the market with a marvellous 14 colours. This car is a highly competitive vehicle in the market. The car is definitely a hit model as it possesses the attractive options, as the material of the car is highly suitable with perfect finish. Passenger safety is highly targeted. 

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