Chevrolet Spark-Simple and cute car for your convenience

2014-01-22 23:31:15
Chevrolet Spark-Simple and cute car for your convenience
Chevrolet Spark-Simple and cute car for your convenience

The history of the Chevrolet Spark car goes back to the days of 2010. The car is a 5door hatchback, the car possesses 1.2 l4 engines, and the car possesses the optional 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual transmissions. The car’s layout turns to be front engine based. The car has the high-ended safety options that turns this car to be much unique.

When you think of the basic amenities, you may never forget buying a car. But, it is not an easy task to do so. There are many key aspects that you need to consider before buying a car. First of all, you should choose the best brand in market. By moving to its showroom, you may get an idea of a list of models and from that you may select a best one. You can refer internet even. There are many important, best-selling car brands in the market. One such brand is Chevrolet. One of the best cars in market is Spark from the house of Chevrolet. On the first glance of the car, it gives us list of available features. It can allow four persons to sit in it very comfortably. This car is available in many variants. It is powered with a 1.2 litre turbo charged engine and the car turns capable of producing maximum power 6,400 rpm.

Equipment of options:

The engine is equipped with 4 speeds automatic or 5 speed manual transmissions. On considering the parts of safety, the car can possess 10 air bags. On considering its features, it has an air conditioning system, an audio system, two bottle holders, rear window defogger, etc. The music system in the car is in a full touch option and you can stream music from your Smartphone. Its wheels are 15 inch alloyed and they are suitable to drive from all aspects. Even Bluetooth connectivity, power door locks, remote keyless entry are the other features which make the car successfully sell in the market. The main reason for the car’s successful sale in the market is the size of the car. As it is small, it can be driven in narrow roads too. This is one particular aspect, which any individuals can choose for this particular option. This car is highly preferred for its size and for being light weighed car. Safety is ensured with the presence of seat belts.

Elegant features:

  Four channel anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control are the safety features included in this car. It gives a luxurious look to everybody, who owns it. It is upgraded with smooth interiors and it holds a powerful engine which gives a great mileage. The car is available in 6 variants. A new and an effective feature included in this car is the My Link System. The use of this feature is that you can handle all the contacts of the user’s Smartphone as well as wirelessly stream music. It can also offer GPS on the navigation screen, which can help you to locate where you are. It has an ample space in it and it is enough for a whole family to travel. It also has a remote controlled CD music player to entertain us. One of the interesting facts about this car is that it also holds a Guinness World Record of the most fuel efficient car which offers 32 km per litre. The buyer doesn’t want to worry about the warranty because Chevrolet offers three year warranty, healthily. The car has lots to offer you with an easy drive yet being luxurious while being in the car.

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