2016 Nissan Maxima, It is a four-door sports car says Nissan

2015-06-12 07:15:09
2016 Nissan Maxima, It is a four-door sports car says Nissan
2016 Nissan Maxima, It is a four-door sports car says Nissan

What would a car maker do when the consumers in pursuit of hot crossovers and pickups cold shoulder the mid-size sedans? If they are smart, they will go with the customers and produce crossovers and pickups.  But the smartest will adopt the same line but without abandoning the products that have earned them the name. Here the case in contention is the 2016 Nissan Maxima. 

Maxima nameplate goes back to 1981, and it has grossed over 2.9 million units in U.S. sales alone to date. The Maxima from the eighth generation is given in your face design, rousing performance and a mind-blowing interior that would make you forget the crossover cravings. While other carmakers are ditching the V-6 in favor of hybrid engines or AWD option, Nissan is sticking to the arsenal of Maxima, and it is advertising it as the “four-door sports car”.  That would seem exaggeration considering the CVT combined with the 3.5 Liter V-6 offering 300-hp and front-wheel-drive, but it really surprised us when we drove it near the Nashville head office of Nissan. With a price range of $30k to $40k, you can have a large amount of fun with the four-door utility in spite of having a gearless transmission. The Maxima base package is longer by 2.2 inches and sits lower by 1.3 inches but no increase in the width though. The unibody and the 109.3-inch wheelbase is common with the soon to be released Altima. Curb weight of Maxima is 82 pounds less, which is owed to aluminum and high-strength steel. There is a 25% increase in the torsional rigidity.  Maxima is being built at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant of Nissan and the maker claims that it is the largest-volume producing assembly plant found in North America. Nissan is planning to build 650, 000 Altimas Pathfinders, Maximas, Rogues, Leafs and the Infiniti QX60 along with lithium-ion battery cells for using in the Leaf. The venerable VQ35 Nissan engine of 3.5 Liter V-6 comes with all new parts which marginally increase power making it 10hp increase at 300-hp. The torque peak is available at 4400 rpm measuring 261 pounds. Some of the new parts include reshaped intake valves, sodium-filled exhaust valves, a stiffer oil pan and a better intake manifold. However direct fuel injection is notably omitted, which probably is saved for other turbo engines that require it dearly. With so many machinations, engineers expected an envious 30mpg is making it 4mpg claim in the mileage, and indeed EPA has certified a 22/30mpg for city and highway. Lots of efforts has gone into lessening the negativities of the Xtronic CVT automatic manufactured by Jatco. The company is owned by Nissan by three-quarters, with minor stakes going to Suzuki and Mitsubishi. The higher and lower ratios have gained a 17% increase which contributed to the gain in mileage. A thin viscosity fluid has been supplied to lubricate the CVT, and smaller hydraulic pump have added to the efficiency gain. Maxima achieve 5.6 seconds timing for the 0-60mph dash and the quarter mile is done in 14.3 seconds. It achieves a top speed 135mph.

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