Bentley Mulsanne-A1 quality car for you

2014-01-21 10:33:36
Bentley Mulsanne-A1 quality car for you
Bentley Mulsanne-A1 quality car for you

Bentley Mulsanne car traces its history back to the days of 1980. Being a full size luxury car, it’s a 4 door sedan based on FR layout. The car possesses 6.8 L V8 engine with complete comfort focused. SU carburettors are replaced by Bosch fuel injection with 3 speed automatic transmission. Bentley cars are always those enhanced on much comfort and quality based drive. 

When you think of a car, you may have to look for various aspects before considering it to buy. Buying a car is not at all an easy job. It turns much difficult, as you need to review the aspects and points which highlight the car to get purchased. Will you look for an option to end your pocket with no benefits? Of course, none can. Hence, it’s much important to consider or weigh all points before you make a plan of getting it. Getting a car is not easy as said earlier; hence find the cars from brands that highlights on certain aspects which you feel it to be much required. In such manner, you can always find Bentley cars to be superior pointing on A1quality. From the house of Bentley, you may never find any options that turn you feel odd about. Mulsanne is all about being discussed here for its attributing characteristics from the house of Bentley.

Avail Limo style ride:

Enjoying the limo style ride is all that the car offers you with extreme characteristics that turn the car look much awe-inspiring. The car turns much expensive, but it’s quite worthy of what you invest upon. Quality is always worth-mentioning. The interiors are really and positively amazing. You will never find such a match to this car at all, as it’s much focused on providing dazzling interiors.

Moreover, this can re-define the car’s stylish aspect at the same time, the car turns much unique and attractive simply treating your eyes with a feast. The seats of the front and back turn heated to provide the comfort. Soft carpets’ presence as well as the leather upholstery can definitely bring in a unique impression above all. The car turns attached with 6.8 litre twin turbo charged one. The cars never turn you feel dull for what you pay for. The car can give a speed of 60mph in just a 5.1 sec. But, the tricky addition is that the car turns designed efficiently in order to be little economical by saving the consumption of fuel’s usage. It’s said that the car offers the fuel saving of 11mpg in city and on highway it’s just 18mpg. How economical it is!

Sizzling drive:

The features of the car turn providing much specific performance and comfortable handling of this car making the drive turn sizzling. The wheels are just 20inch alloy made. The car still possesses the self-levelling air suspension. The car still possesses some of the very notable features like Bi-xenon lights on its head bumps, selective driving control as like what you expect of, LED lights with the presence of rain sensing wipers. The parking sensors present in the front and back is much more appreciable. The car’s interiors include the specifications like, audio pack with 14 speakers, USB and iPod connectivity, also the navigation system and lot more optional features that can still enhance the look of the car as well as the features can turn quite something. Luxury sedan is what the car is. 

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