2016 Ferrari 488GTB, chunkier but sublime as ever

2015-06-12 06:44:31
2016 Ferrari 488GTB, chunkier but sublime as ever
2016 Ferrari 488GTB, chunkier but sublime as ever

The holy sanctum of Ferrari has been invaded by none other than a couple of huge turbos, and things are not going to be the same anymore. What do you know; a future CEO of Ferrari may even unveil a SUV with the carbon fiber craftwork. However, the 2016 Ferrari 488GTB has been invented to make a power statement what with McLaren breathing down its neck. 

The mid-engine V-8 of Ferrari needs more power. More power means more speed, and Lamborghini and McLaren are already producing much of them, and the Italian brand cannot be lagging behind. It was required to make a power statement, and that is why it had gone for the turbos and at the same time it did not want the engine to be a gas hog.  So the outcome is the “488GTB”. This is not a completely new car priced at $242,737, but an upgraded aluminum 458 Italia that preceded this one. The engine has been borrowed from the California T, and it is named as F154, a four-cam direct injection 90-degree engine with enhanced power.

The engine displacement has been reduced to 3.9 Liter in comparison with the Italia’s 4.5, but there is a significant rise in horsepower 98 of them making it a total of 661 horses which is equal of the Enzo. The torque, however, is not the forte of Ferrari, and it has been ramped in excess of 163 lb-ft making it a total of 561 pounds. The crankshaft also is placed lower by 3mm and the gravity of the engine in spite of high mounted turbos drops by 5 mm. We were exhaustively briefed by the Ferrari staff at Maranello before we got to drive the 488 and realized how different this car is from others in several ways. For a start, the 488GTB that will be in the market by September does not carry a nickname like other Ferraris such as Fiorano, Italia or Maranello.

The 488GTB is an upgraded Ferrari, which already exists, and it is all about spreadsheet numbers, the sample of which had been mentioned above. Then the downforce has been increased, some enhancement in throttle response, shift timings, and also the boasted weight loss of about 20 to 30 pounds.  To top it all the increased longitudinal and lateral acceleration numbers.  All these numbers were meant to prove that the 488 is a top stallion Ferrari in its class.   

When we saw the car parked at Maranello it appeared bit chunkier while being familiar. The aluminum space in the center is a carryover from 458, and both the front and rear sections have been modified so that the new engine can be fitted into. Wheelbase has not increased from 104.3 inches, and a slight increment in the length and width has been slight.

2016 Ferrari 488GTB is designed mid-engine layout with rear-wheel-drive.  The body style is a 2-door coupe and with the capacity of 2 passengers. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode has been coupled to the engine, and it carries a curb weight of 3250 pounds.

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