2016 Nissan Maxima: A Sport Car With Boosted Performance

2015-06-11 12:09:52
2016 Nissan Maxima: A Sport Car With Boosted Performance
2016 Nissan Maxima: A Sport Car With Boosted Performance

This 2016 model of the Nissan Maxima is vehicle carrying French linking as well as sporty looks. The automaker has worked out to enthrall you with the improved performance of this new sport vehicle with four doors. The vehicle is sufficient to offer you driving experience full of fun and thrill.

This new 2016 Nissan Maxima is front engine vehicle which has been equipped with a front wheel drive system. This four doors sedan has been meant for five passengers. Dimensionally, this new vehicle has been made 2.2 inches longer while 1.3 inches lower. However, no change has been done with the width of the vehicle. The vehicle has been sported with the 109.3 inches wheelbase. While developing this new vehicle, the automaker has used high-strength steel as well as much amount of aluminum. This new vehicle has been built with the assistance of almost all new parts including the admirable VQ35 3.5 liter engine of Nissan. This is the engine which output has been boosted by 10 hp thus it produces 300 horsepower at 6400, and the interesting thing about it is that the peak torque has not been transformed; it yet produces 261 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm. The things that have been modified are exhaust valves which have been filled with sodium, intakes valves which have also been reshaped, intake manifold which has been developed more competent, and a stiffer oil pan. One prominent thing the automaker has done is the incorporation of the direct fuel injection. It is expected that the EPA mileage highway would be boosted by four mpg thus it would be reached at the level of 30 mpg. Gratefully, there has likewise been made a powerful frontal assault to decrease the negative qualities of the Xtronic CVT automatic of Maxima which has been offered by Jatco which is Initially Automatic Transmission Company of Japan, and its 75% is occupied by Nissan, while Mitsubishi and Suzuki both have minor shares. A 17-percent increment in the spread between the least and most noteworthy proportions is the principle driver basic the addition in Parkway fuel mileage. What's more, the greasing up liquid of the CVT is a more slender consistency, it has a littler hydraulic pump, and the drive belt has been designed for higher effectiveness. The engineers of the company have also worked out over the software of the Xtronic. For the determination of the behavior of the CVT, responsible variables are the pedal position of the accelerator, acceleration, road grade, braking g’s, road speed, and cornering g’s. The automaker also has introduced D Step programming in which driver has kept in that position that selects the normal as well as sports mode. The interior of the vehicle has been developed on the basis of the jet fighters. It has been incorporated with the 8.0 inches center touch screen. The hub storage bin’s cover has been finished tenderly as well as it is high too consequently it supports elbow conveniently. The switches for the navigation system have been lessened to 10.

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