Chevrolet: the name that shines in automobiles inductries

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Chevrolet: the name that shines in automobiles inductries
Chevrolet: the name that shines in automobiles inductries

It is a great interesting history that precedes Chevrolet. Durant, who was the founder of General Motor Vehicles, formed Chevrolet in the year 1911 after he was forced to leave GMV previous year. Being driven out from the company, Durant tied up with a renowned race-car enthusiast, Louis Chevrolet and set up Chevrolet Motor Company continuing his foremost role as before.

But, the venture had not been successful. He had to resign after a few years and can be considered as the tragic hero in the history of the automobile. He could be a multimillionaire in the car industry, but he departed the world penniless.

It was the design of a most classy car for the rich people that brought in the failure of the company. Durant believes that for competing in the market, the car for the general people should produce more and more. But Chevrolet didn’t agree. He was averse to attach his name to any ordinary cars. So he left the company.

But, Durant earned sufficient amount of money out of Chevrolet Motor Company and later purchased a big share of the General Motors. Thus, he could bring the control of the company again. Within a short time, Durant became the President of General Motor and acquired the Chevrolet Motor Company. In 1918, it became an independent unit of General Motor. The company first launches its truck in the same year.  

During the World War II, the company was asked to make 75mm Shells and gradually became one of the significant suppliers of US goods for wars.  Throughout the next decades, Chevrolet could gain a firm place in the automobile industry. Despite the transition of taste and choice of the users, the company had emerged as the leader of the company. 

In the coming years, the Chevrolet will come to release Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles to keep up the growth and development of the company. They have manufactured Sports Cars, Full-size Pick-up Trucks with huge popularity. In reality, the company proved the need the manufacturers to the world for diversifications of their product.

They innovated new styles of faster cars focusing on the latest technologies of engine size, headlamps, disc brakes, etc. Some of the latest and greatest achievements of the company are: 

·         Corvette,

·         Camaro,

·         Chevelle,

·         luxurious Caprice,

·         Impala.

Their great inventions in affordable price offer the consumers great opportunity to enjoy riding the spectacular automobiles with the latest technology.

As the company always assure of providing an exclusive ownership experience to the consumers, General Motor has recently brought in the Chevrolet Complete Care Program with minimum upholding cost.

You may compare the latest launching of the products during the period of 2015-16. 

  •   Chevrolet Spin   (expected at the end of 2015)
  •  Chevrolet Spark Electric   (Expected by the end of 2015)
  •   Chevrolet Trailblazer  (Expected during the same time)
  •  Chevrolet Volt      (Expected at the beginning of 2016
  •   Chevrolet Lumina   (Expected at the start of 2016)
  •   Chevrolet Camaro   (Expected in the middle of 2016)

All the cars of the company are unique for its features and are user-friendly in every respect.  From safety to comfort, the cars are A1 and also within the reach of the consumers.

Chevrolet models:

Chevrolet Chevy Van
Chevrolet Aveo
Chevrolet Lumina Minivan
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid
Chevrolet C/K 3500 Series
Chevrolet Tracker
Chevrolet Beretta
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Classic
Chevrolet Chevy Van Classic
Chevrolet Metro
Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
Chevrolet Sonic
Chevrolet Black Diamond Avalanche
Chevrolet Malibu Classic
Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD
Chevrolet Colorado
Chevrolet Celebrity
Chevrolet Corsica
Chevrolet Express Cargo
Chevrolet C/K 1500 Series
Chevrolet Silverado 2500
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Chevrolet Suburban
Chevrolet Avalanche
Chevrolet R/V 3500 Series
Chevrolet Sportvan
Chevrolet Silverado 3500
Chevrolet Uplander
Chevrolet Cobalt
Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

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