Audi RS7-Keeps your spirit high

2014-01-21 10:26:17
Audi RS7-Keeps your spirit high
Audi RS7-Keeps your spirit high

The history of Audi RS7 dates back to present days, the design is mainly to thrill. With 4.0 TFSI V8 engine that turns accent with its entire exterior, fully equipped with LED lights, Rs exterior appearance, and MMI navigational long with voice control system pointing on the slogan Truth in Engineering, naturally. The engine possesses 8speed tiptronic automatic transmission. The decorative inlays are RS design based.

There are plentiful cars present in the world, simply. Only few cars are notably pointed or targeted for its attributing characteristics. Cars turn much required for every individual’s needs. It’s always best to avail the comfort, on each point. One such comfort point which can draw you much is the car. Cars turn nowadays very much required as well as it turns coming with varied colours and it positively undergoes the change depicting that variety is the spice of the life. Cars are more highly and superiorly designed in a manner pointing quality and comfortable points by attracting its customers. As said earlier, among the few notable cars Audi has the greatest impact for being much notified. From the house of Audi, Audi’s RS7 has high-end attributing characteristics specialized for superior drive. This model is the first in A7 series. Being a five door coupe, the car bestows with wonderful and awesome performance.

Enhanced performance:

There is a presence of 4.0 TFSI V8 engines which is capable of helping the car to enhance in performance, with its much of power and torque. The car possesses the 2 twin-scroll turbochargers also an intercooler being placed in between the cylinder tanks to only reduce the turbo lag. Also, the car possesses some of the features like automatic stop and start’ functions, direct fuel injection, and lot more in order to improve the efficiency of fuel. The car’s speed turns very much high when you compare the speeds of same sized cars. The result is in fact much more positive, turning a much impressive of 62mph in 4 seconds.

A standard air suspension is present along with the adjustable dampers that help in lowering down the ride. Audi RS7 is much a grand car that point on much of luxury. Luxury is no doubt when you use this car. When you look for the car’s exterior as well as the interiors, the car bestows you with much of sleek designs with awesometastic options. The car’s exterior turns much classy offering you the superior characteristics. Turning to the interiors, the car possesses the options like airbags by pointing on safety, audio players that offers the soothing feel for your ears.

Powerful drive:

Also, the car includes options like glasses offering the high ended look, then the camera options which help you have the best supporting features, leather seats and above all the car offers the powerful drive for those who wishes to experience the sizzling and a dashing drive. And finally for a car lover, it’s more than a treat. The car offers luxury drive in a superior manner. 

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