Daewoo: the Classic selection for Your Motor Vehicle

2015-06-09 09:30:48
Daewoo: the Classic selection for Your Motor Vehicle
Daewoo: the Classic selection for Your Motor Vehicle

Daewoo is a South Korean company. Though this company has flourished in different fields, but it is mainly renowned as an automobile brand. This company is the part of Daewoo Group, and it was founded in 1982. At first, this company faces a financial crisis, but gradually it overcame the crisis period and became a part of an American company. Then it was renamed as GM Daewoo and in 2011 this company changed to GM Korea. 

Now, Daewoo is a brand name in the market of motor vehicles. It has brought quality good cars in the market and almost all over the world; the Daewoo cars have a great demand, and it is increasing day by day. There are some models of this company that are the most popular in the world. Here is brief introduction of a few cars of this company.

Lacetti: The Lacetti of Daewoo was launched to the market in 2002. From the very beginning, it achieved a great popularity for its eye-catching look and high speed. In 2002, when it first appeared on the market, it had 4 –doors, but after 2 years, in the year of 2004, it came with 5-doors hatchback. The name of the hatchback was Lacetti 5 and it offered a specific design for the dashboard, rear, and front.

At the end of 2007, the Wagon edition of Lacetti was introduced which was sold in many countries within a very short time. This edition had similar dashboard and sedan front than the hatchback.  In the same period, GM Daewoo launched a diesel engine car named VM Motori, which is also the Lacetti range.

In the November of 2008, the company brought Lacetti Premiere, which was renamed as Lacetti EX in later.

Matiz: In 1998, the production n of this particular car of Daewoo was started and it was put up for sale in many countries including South Korea. The code name of this car was M100. The exterior design of this car was based on the car of Lucciola. It had a 0.8 litre gasoline engine. This car became the best selling Daewoo model in India and Europe for the next 4 years.

When it was launched at first, it had only straight three engines of 0.8 liters. Later, it developed a maximum torque of 68.5 Nm or 51 lb-ft. It had a combined consumption of 6.41/100 kilometers per hour.

Chevrolet Aveo (T200):  This car was first introduced in the year of 2002 and marketed in almost 120 countries worldwide. This car was engineered, designed and promoted by GM Daewoo.

As this car is manufactured on the base of latest technology, it provides all kinds of safety and comfort. It is also tested by IIHS crash tests. So, the owners of these cars can be sure about its safety.

However, each and every creation of Daewoo is too much upgraded, and it contains quality parts. So, the risk of being cheated is very rare. The latest technology and attractive design of these cars are the keys to the mystery of its reputation.

Daewoo models:

Daewoo Leganza
Daewoo Lanos
Daewoo Nubira

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