Bugatti ------ the classy choice that you cannot abstain from

2015-06-06 12:01:17
Bugatti ------ the classy choice that you cannot abstain from
Bugatti ------ the classy choice that you cannot abstain from

Bugatti - the French automobile was founded in 1909 in Molsheim, France. Ettore Bugatti was the founder of this industry. Now it is a brand name in of speedy and exclusive cars world. At the beginning of this industry, Bugatti faced a financial crisis, but now it has overcome that awful situation after a long struggle. Now, Bugatti is controlled by the Volkswagen Group and acknowledged as one of the top rated car producers. 

If you explore the long history of Bugatti creations, then you will see that this company has provided numbers of quality cars, which are famous all around the globe for its super speed, classy look, luxurious finishing and high-quality parts. Thus, it has enriched the modern car world.

Almost in every year, Bugatti launches quality cars and even in 2015, Bugatti has continued the same tradition. In this year, Bugatti has launched two cars La Finale from Bugatti and the second one is Cristal from Bugatti.

In this article, you can get a clear idea about two of these making up of Bugatti. Now, have a close look at the description of two of those cars which are going to make a hue and cry in the market for cars.

 La Finale from Bugatti  

Bugatti has launched the La Finale in this year, and it has accepted gladly to the car lovers. The qualities of this particular car have made it one of the best choices to the procurers.

The specification of this car:

The Veyron model

Engine: V16

Torque @ RPM: 1106

Displacement: 8.0 L

Horsepower @ RPM: 1183,

0-60 time: 2.5 sec.

Top Speed: 267 mph

This sports car has finished in black and dark shade in red. The outer look of this car is very classy and eye-catchy. The inner portion of this car is also very pleasant and very good. The cabin of La Finale is equally exclusive. The above-mentioned features have made it one of the most adored Veyrons in a few years.

Reasons for purchasing Bugatti Veyron Grand racing cars

This car has the capability of 260 mph and 1000 bhp.

It has 1001 horsepower, where most production cars have less than 200.

The top speed of this car is 256 miles per hour. This car has an 8.1-liter W16 engine. That’s 2 V8’s put together.

It also covers do 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

It will do 0-186 mph in 16 seconds.

 Bugatti veyron edition grand sport vitesse cristal   

 Bugatti manufactured crystal edition for the girl friend of Zheng Ting ---- the Chinese collector. The wheels, rear wing, A-pillars, engine cover, engine air intakes of the rear fascia. The remaining body panels are painted in white shade. 

This particular car was delivered in January of this year. The characteristics of Vitesse Cristal Edition are:

This car is powered by a quad-turbocharged 8.0 liter and W16 engine, 1200 hp and 1106 lb-ft for torque. Consequently, it can hit 100 km per in 2.5 seconds, and it also can increase its speed 408.84 km per hour.

All of these qualities have made this car very much lucrative to the car lovers.

So don’t delay to get this car as soon as possible, because it is one of the assets of you. In addition, it expresses your taste and class.

Bugatti models:

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

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