Saab Automobiles- Saab 9-3 : Suit up!

2015-06-05 12:45:19
Saab Automobiles- Saab 9-3 : Suit up!
Saab Automobiles- Saab 9-3 : Suit up!

Saab Automobile AB is a Swedish premium car manufacturer. It was assembled in 1945 when Saab AB started a project to makeup a small automobile. The first production model, which was called the Saab 92, was put in motion in 1949. The parent company then centralized with Scania- Vabis in 1968, and then 10 years after that Saab 900 was launched, which became the Saab’s best selling model in that time. Then in the mid of 1980s the new Saab 9000 model also came. 

Saab Cars marketing V-P Hans Krondahi very well knows that everyone got to have a Gray suit! Not just that, he also very well knows how to make the Swedish debility surströmming, in which herring is put away in a can for 6 months, till that rotting point when it becomes the tastiest, but that’s not what is important at the moment.

The Gray- suit thing is precisely germane to the new 9-3 sedan which Krondahi wants to sell. The reason behind him choosing the Gray suit for the car is that he believes, that the Gray 3- piece, although lacks the visual adventure of a sharkskin zoot suit, has a larger appeal. This color is safer socially and also would not scare off the most traditional shopper. And there it is- the new Saab 9-3 sedan- a car bespoken and sewn not to aggrieve.

Krondahl can’t say which color suit the present 9-3 is, but him and Saab, both believes that it wasn’t traditional enough. Company administrators criticize the hatchback configuration- which is a Saab Hallmark since the mid of 70’s to be the prime felon for less-than-breathtaking-sales.  At present, the 9-3 hardtop sales in the United States are about 11,000 per annum. This is way less than the model’s best year sales in 1986 (which was called the 900 at that time), when Saab sold about 37,000.

Saab argues that the buyers and clients at the entry level of the affluence market, the luxury market, which includes BMW 3- series, Volvo S60 and Audi A4, acknowledge the hatchback the automobile equivalent of double-knit polyester. It is no secret that the current 9-3 is not as palatial and deluxe as those cars.

The 9-3, like the 9-5, which previously replaced the 9000 hatchback as a ’99 model, comes only in traditional 4- door, notchback grab. The new 9-3 more or less looks like the wedge-shaped 9-5 only it has a trimmer look. The body work of this car appears flexed. The car has shorter overhangs and protuberant wheel arches. 9-3 is more tailored and more Germanic in looks than the overstuffed envelope style of the current car. No matter what and how much criticism, 9-3 is perilously better in every automated way. With a wheelbase that is about 3 inches longer, 9-3 is more comfortable and sedate going down the road. There is more rear legroom.

The interiors of the car are also softer, and are less-economy-car-like design.

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