Pontiac G8 ST- the performance oriented vehicle!

2015-06-05 12:42:26
Pontiac G8 ST- the performance oriented vehicle!
Pontiac G8 ST- the performance oriented vehicle!

Pontiac is an American automobile brand which was founded in 1926 as a companion-make for the General Motors’ Oakland. The last Pontiac branded cars were built in December 2009. The company was departed in 2010. The Pontiac cars overtook its Oakland parent in demand & acceptance and overthrew the Oakland brand completely by 1933. 

Pontiac commenced as the Oakland car company in Pontiac, Michigan in 1907. It was established by Edward Murphy.

It’s been proven in the history that not many car/truck inter-breeding have been successful in the past. For example, Subaru’s Brat was appreciated in Vermont, but not in many other places.

With this kind of graph for the car/trucks in the past, Pontiac G8 ST has sure succeeded in many ways. It is considered to be a very good pickup truck. The car is designed in Australia and is a version of the Holden “Ute”. This new sport truck has been such an amazing piece for the American drivers, that it has not even been named yet! The name was decided to be given by the customers itself in an online contest called the “Name this car” website.

General Motors claims that the new pick up beclouds the line between the cars and the trucks. Not only that, it clearly dissects the line, exactly at the G8’s B- pillar. Rather than an extra pair of doors, this sport truck gets a longer wheelbase and a pickup bed which can carry about 1000 pounds of payload. Not only that, this sport truck will also drag and ferry 3500 pounds. The bed will come with a tone cover, a composite liner and about 43 cubic feet of storage space. 8.5 cubic feet space is given behind the seats.

Pontiac says that the G8 origin (root) of the truck gives it a coupe-like posture from the front, but it resembles the G8 sedan as well. Most of the sheet-metal (which includes the roof and the door) is exclusive and sui generis. Again, the performance is still equivalent to the new G8 GXP which will also be displayed at the New York Show. Pontiac also avows that the car will have a horse- power of 361 and 6.0 liter V-8, and 0-60 times of 5.4 seconds. The 6-speed automatic is the only gearbox.

Pontiac adds that the sport truck also alters and conflicts with the suspension and handling feel of the sedan. This is because it rides on a wheelbase which is 4 inches longer that the sedan. (Totally, it is about 6 inches longer).

More than 60 new pieces are added by the engineers to bolster the pickup’s body. The car has a bigger front stabilizer which gives it a more beef, as does a re-tuned rear suspension. It also rides on the sporty summer tires (45- series tread) similar to the G8 GXP, but a sports package accommodates 19- inchers and 40- series tires. Differently, the alarming and astonishing G8 sports truck bears much of the same gears as the G8 sedan.

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