Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI Manual, You Will Not See Better Diesel Powered Vehicle

2015-06-04 12:12:59
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI Manual, You Will Not See Better Diesel Powered Vehicle
Volkswagen Golf SportWagen TDI Manual, You Will Not See Better Diesel Powered Vehicle

When you choose a current generation VW Golf compact model, it does not matter which one you pick. The 10Best award winner, cannot wrong you with your choice. The same verdict goes to the latest 2015 Golf SportWagen TDI diesel that we drove without test gear on. It is a marvelous with great fuel economy, great build quality and fun handling.  

If you need more space in your VW, then choose the diesel Golf SportWagen. This may appear to be unbelievable, but VW builds Golf for people from every wake of life and preferences. This includes the gas powered two door base hatch and goes to the GTI costing $40,000 and the all-wheel-drive Golf R with 292-hp.  It has no competition when it sells to the rare slice of American car buyers who wants a manual operated, diesel powered compact wagon. We are no exception to that but if you want to be with the mainstream then you would opt for a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission for $1100.

Being a Golf wagon means more cargo space and longer roof, and the SportWagen proves to be great to drive like its brethren. It has great structural stability; the nicely balanced suspension absorbs bumps and controls the body deftly. The steering is electrically powered and is precise and offers great resistance build to hands when cornering. The passengers get to enjoy the same undermined interior décor, same top class materials, liberal sprinkling of glass and supportive seats.

With the gas power version out of the way and in place having the TDI version, onboard means that the zip of gas will be missed but this Golf provides the owner with a purposeful acceleration. The engine, 2.0-Liter diesel is turbocharged but as usual for these engines, the peak torque is achieved at the low rpm of 1750, and it loses steam as it nears the peak 5200 rpm. The SportWagen achieves the 0-60mph dash in 8.4 seconds which cannot be termed as fast, but now slow.

What actually counts here is the quietness of the diesel engine, has enough power to make the passes, and it offers a fuel economy of 38mpg. According to EPA estimates, it offers 31mpg for city streets and 43mpg for highway but with our heavy flogging we could have not achieved the peak EPA average. If you compare it with the Golf hatchback for storage space, then the SportWagen can pack in an extra 7.6 cu-ft at the back of the seats. If you fold them you get a 13.8 cu-ft and the accumulation will amount to 66.5 cu-ft. This is 2.5 cu-ft more than the Touareg SUV of VW with all its seats folded.

The Golf SportWagen is offered in three trim levels, and they are offered with the subtle luxury and refinement hallmark of the Golf. You can also choose from any of the three trim, and you will pay just $25,415 and to your surprise you will find that it is well furnished.

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