Mercedes Benz C Class C220 CDI Diesel Variant: A Spacious Vehicle with a Number of Features

2015-06-04 12:12:21
Mercedes Benz C Class C220 CDI Diesel Variant: A Spacious Vehicle with a Number of Features
Mercedes Benz C Class C220 CDI Diesel Variant: A Spacious Vehicle with a Number of Features

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220 CDI is a vehicle which matches to the S-Class of the automaker when you will observe the C220’s styling as well as a visual makeover. The Classy and Premium also feel similar. The cabin of the vehicle has been packed with some features.

Even at present time, when the rates of the diesel and petrol has come to the point where rates margin is kept on narrowing, people consider diesel more economical; consequently, the diesel variants of the vehicles yet in good demand. So here is a review of the diesel variant of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class C220 CDI.

This new vehicle in regard of styling, aesthetic makeover, and updates is akin to the S-Class. Due to this similarity, the questions have been raised about the originality of the vehicle. However, if the performance of the vehicle is good, such questions leave almost no impression. The bonnet of the vehicle has been designed somewhat longer, as well as it joins twin slate grille which has a three-point star in the middle.

For forming menacing look, the vehicle’s front has been equipped with LED headlamps, short front overhangs, and a low stance. The inclusion of these elements is helpful for the improvement of the sporty character. Styling is also offering premium feel. The automaker’s new design philosophy can be seen at the side of the vehicles. Again, at the hind part of the vehicle, you will notice S-Class impression in rear bumper, the tail lamps, and boot lid.

Inside the cabin, the vehicle reflects the same impression i.e. it gets motivation from the S-Class. The cabin of the vehicle is outstanding containing some features. The overall design of the vehicle reflects the new design philosophy of carmaker. For you comfort, the vehicle has been equipped with a new large screen like tablet, touch with new interface design, panoramic sliding sunroof, climate control, and latest Command infotainment system which has been mated with a Garmin navigation system featured with 3D visualization.

This new vehicle has been equipped with a 2840 mm of wheelbase, so the cabin becomes spacious. The vehicle offers more space than any other previous similar vehicle of the automaker for the rear passengers. It has also been featured with a specific temperature zone for the individual. Thus temperature can be set as per the need of the passenger. The vehicle also offers boot space more than any other competitors as it has been improved to 480 liters. A good amount of leather has been used for the steering wheel, dashboard, seats, and gear knob so that it could offer smooth and nice feel.

For power, the vehicle has been spotted with a 170 bhp of power as well as 400 Nm of force. To send the power to the rear wheels, it uses a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic gearbox. This is the same engine that has been used in the previous vehicle. The power pack engine capable enough, to perform well on the vehicle.

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