The Mini Cooper S Experience: A Small, Stylish, & Performance Oriented Car

2015-06-03 00:16:11
The Mini Cooper S Experience: A Small, Stylish, & Performance Oriented Car
The Mini Cooper S Experience: A Small, Stylish, & Performance Oriented Car

The Mini Cooper is a vehicle that is small in size but impressing in style. The vehicle has also been criticized for the many other things.  The new Cooper S has been intended for the people who look forward to even better performance. 


The automaker want to make better all those things which were criticized in the Mini Cooper in this all new vehicle named Mini Cooper S. The Mini Cooper is a small, stylish vehicle but could not impress to auto critics. In the form of the Cooper S, the manufacturer tried to satisfy them improving vehicle’s ergonomics as well as practicality. The vehicle, however, is all new product, it has been developed by a new platform, new engine, and it has hardly anything similar to its forerunner, yet the automaker has equipped with the tagline ‘Same Difference’ which has been said contrary to the fact by the some auto experts. However, the thing that is similar is its looks. This new vehicle has also been a bit bigger than the forerunner.

This new has been developed a bit bigger, so it does not match with its name; however, it is yet remain a compact car. The thing that does not go in favor of the car is that the enlarged size of the vehicle for some extent spoils its adorableness as well as cuteness. However, the vehicle yet is capable to draw the attention of the people due to the Mini brand’s cult image as well as the rare presence.

It is a fashionable vehicle, and inside the vehicle you will find everything trendy whether it is a central console, all switches or music system. Due to the changes that the automaker has made, the vehicle has been made friendlier than the previous one. A bigger audio system which can easily be operated has taken the place of the big central console. Switches for the power window have been shifted toward the doors. All other things have been made easier so that they can be operated easily. It is a three doors car which second row has been made spacious in spite of providing 210-liter boot space. However, finding space for the leg as well as the head may be a bit great problem.

For power, this new vehicle has been incorporated with a four-cylinder 2.0-liter power mill with forced induction; so the engine is capable produce 189 bhp of power as well as 280 Nm of force. This power has been mated with the six-speed automatic transmission which has not been reviewed quickest, but it has been told that it functions well when the vehicle runs in sports mode. The engine puts that much force, the vehicle from standstill can reach 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.7 seconds. Finding any turbo lag is also a difficult task which is really a great thing. This vehicle has been priced at 34.65 lakh which is really not an easily arranged amount. The vehicle is not like another car in regard to the comfort, style, space and so on. But, it is a vehicle putting in the entertaining quotient.

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