Volkswagen Golf GTD SportWagen, hybrid shaming fuel economy figures under Euro conditions

2015-06-02 14:18:01
Volkswagen Golf GTD SportWagen, hybrid shaming fuel economy figures under Euro conditions
Volkswagen Golf GTD SportWagen, hybrid shaming fuel economy figures under Euro conditions

Only in January we sang high praises of a newly shown car that met every demand of an auto journalist’s dream, the VW Golf GTD Sportwagen. A station wagon powered by diesel and equipped with a regular manual transmission. GTD would denote the fast diesel which equals the GTI version of the oil burner. 

Well, here is the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTD Sportwagen and did this car match up to our expectation? We spent some time with the vehicle, and we are divulging what we had observed during the drive here.  The GTD SportWagen for a beginning sports a 2.0 Liter TDI turbo diesel of VW Group which produces 184 horses at the rev range of 3500 to 4000, and it also makes a powerful 280 pounds of thrust at 1750 rpm. The engine sounds absolutely sporty in the GTD and catapults the Wagen to a 7.9 seconds 0-60mph dash. The Sportwagen rates a peak speed of 144mph and the acceleration up to 100mph indicates that it is not just a boastful number, at least under European road conditions.

Fuel economy rating for the GTD is pointed towards 40mpg or so, which can be termed as more fun compared to a hybrid.  This number should act as a worrying factor to some of the electrified cars on the prowl right now. Agreed, that a diesel engine is heftier than the gas powered engine, and in spite of the light MQB architecture the GTD is still on the weightier side at 3300 pounds. But these figures are mitigated by the chassis modification machination of VW. For an instance, the GTD has lowered height than the standard Golf, and it comes with 17-inch wheels surrounded by 225/45 tires, which can also upgraded to 18-inch wheels fitted with 40-series tires.

The GTD has been offered with a stability control with Sports mode, and you can extract more wheelspin out of it. Then there is a limited slip differential simulated by a brake-based function for greater agility. A nicely balanced power steering system is further added and what you have in your hands is a station wagon powered by diesel ready to charge the hikes and take down sports coupes. The six-speed manual given to the GTD is so efficient that you will abhor the idea of switching it for the six-speed dual-clutch automatic from DSG, which is found to be great fun in gasoline powered vehicles.

The GTD is rewardingly fast but cozy enough to conceal its dark side to people who disapprove hardcore transportation. The VW’s Sportswagen diesel is given subtle design cues that lead you to the past though it has silver grille accent in place of the red of the past. The closest vehicle that matches up with the GTD SportWagen is the BMW328d station wagon, and the VW will give it a run for its money. 26,900 Euros is the price tag the SportWagen wears and offers a fantastic 31/43 mpg for city and highway in European conditions.

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