2015 Ferrari California T, come get your daily dose of speed from Ferrari

2015-06-02 14:15:44
2015 Ferrari California T, come get your daily dose of speed from Ferrari
2015 Ferrari California T, come get your daily dose of speed from Ferrari

Sun drenched California is the place for people who want to try something new to establish their identity. California the name given by Ferrari to one of its product is such a case and Ferrari with this experiment in 2009 has ventured into the low price market which over the years is not looking good.  The latest 2015 California T might be the answer for this Ferrari problem.


When Ferrari offered the first road going vehicle to the public, it put the V-8 in front of them and a retractable hard roof.  The daily practicality and price of this Ferrari really took the Italian supercar brand into the low price market. Ferrari has been tight-lipped about the number of sales, but seeing hordes of the examples moored at eBay with drastically slashed prices tells the picture clearly.

The latest California T takes just 14 seconds to roll back the hard top to change the coupe into an open top and might redeem what went wrong with the previous models.  Some of the challenges faced by California include an ill-matching power to weight ratio and teenager inspiring styling in place of the Maranello’s snarling stallion. If you are wondering about the T in the name, it denotes turbo, and the twin compression attached to the 3.9 Liter -8 is an experimental act. This also turns out to the first Ferrari after the F40 to have forced induction. This may be considered as the forerunner to m any other Ferraris with booster power to come. The 488GTB will be the first vehicle to experience this and is slotted for early next year release.

 In spite of its sleek exterior, the California T cannot hide the fact that it is a large vehicle, and it is 3 inches longer than Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and also taller and wider. The curb weight is 4064 pounds which are heavy, but it is 59 pounds lesser than the last model. It produces 101 more horses and 199 lb-ft more to motivate it to haul such huge weight. It is an astonishing 3.3 seconds for the 0-60mph dash compared to the 3.9 seconds of the last and the quarter miles knocks out a full second. The skidpad figure of 0.95g reveals that the car extra grip to back the power it possesses.

On the exterior, the sheet metal theme is picked from F12berlinetta, which aptly replaces the rounded and elliptical headlamps with the newer and angular ones of Ferrari. The stacked pipes in the back that made the car’s back look elevated are gone and so is the black droopy inset panel. For Ferrari, the numbers were not prime object, and it was all about spitting thunderbolts. This is very well done by the direct injection fueled V-8, and it really sounds like a pissed-off puma with its snarls. One great thing about Ferrari is its throttle being precise when you demand power, and the T is no exception, fortunately.

California T can seat two plus two, and it is a 2-door convertible with front engine layout. This rear wheel drive vehicle will cost you $202,723 if you go for the base model. The one we drove the cost a hefty $268,761. It achieves a maximum speed of 196mph and the EPA estimates gives it 16/23mpg for city and highway. We achieved 13 mpg overall.

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