Audi for Luxurious, sporty and compact model of car

2015-06-01 10:39:40
Audi for Luxurious, sporty and compact model of car
Audi for Luxurious, sporty and compact model of car

Whether you prefer luxurious, compact or sporty:  find out the range of diversity of the Audi and let the ground-breaking car-model convince you.  This German based automobile company, design the cars in an extraordinary way. The users never resist themselves riding the car, once they ride the car. Making of a luxurious car is their specialty.  Audi supervises its universal operations from the different HQ situated in Germany, Bavaria, and Ingolstadt. The production of Audi vehicles is performed in worldwide with multiple facilities.  

The logo of Audi is represented by 4 logs four rings.  Each of them stands for the four different companies of the car.  Together with they formed the Audi’s predecessors company. The caption of the Audi says that man should go forward with the technology. Without technology, there is no progress.  Though, from 2007, Audi in USA had shifted its concept of engineering to the truth.  Audi is one of the Big 3 luxury cars of the German luxury automakers. The other two are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. This trio is the best selling automakers in the world.

From 2003, the Audi A8, Audi started using interface control by a single interface controlled by one central board info-system, called MMI or Multi Media Interface. But it can be under the censure of BMW’s i-Drive control. It is basically a revolving knob for controlling and the segment buttons.  They are designed to organize everything in the car devices meant for the entertainment. These are like CD, radio, CD, TV tuner,  iPod. Also the heating and the ventilation and the satellite navigation, and other car control devices in the screen. The Multi Media Interface had been extensively informed to be the considerable development on the BMW- iDrive,

Audi began its racing car designing since 1999 introducing 24 hrs Le Man. The incredible performance on the first appearance of the racing led it to the season of 2000 for the new rule of an open cockpit construct. The success of sports car continued till 2013.  

As defensive champions, the company again went into Audi R18 e-Tron Quattro Chassis in the year of 2013 WEC. The team succeeded in the first five successive races, as well as 2013, 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Next year Audi entered into new redesigning and up gradation of the existing design with a new feature of 2 MJEnergy Recovery System. As a defensive champion, Audi once again confronted with the challenges with Toyota and LMP1 and also from Porsche. This was the first time the Audi had to face disaster in the world endurance championship.

The car fleet ecological balance of the company has turned out to be the No 1 priority in the present day industry. Operating of an environmental friendly fleet means operating of a more competent fleet, which will be the cheaper fleet. But, that is most cost effective. So understand your choice first and then invest. Base your car choice to the emission of Co2, less than 160g/Km. Audi will offer you Green culture to make you more and more aware of the environment. 

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