Alfa Romeo: the car for the enthusiast

2015-06-01 10:35:36
Alfa Romeo: the car for the enthusiast
Alfa Romeo: the car for the enthusiast

It was June 24 of the year 1910 when the Alfa Romeo the Italian car manufacturing company was founded. On that day, some of the business entrepreneurs took control of the Milan-based Italian Darracq Automobile Company that was owned previously by the French Parent Company. After that, it was renamed as ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobil). The new company was set up at a very crucial moment when there had been great changes in the field of a socio-economic sphere. 

With the commencement of peacetime, Alfa Romeo Company again changed. It found out new sources in the market and started developing tractors, drills, and further continuing stock. Romeo bought the companies in different places like Rome, Saronno, and Naples, but never forgot about the about the automobiles. The result of his continuous effort made the way to the invention of Torpedo in the year of 1920. This was the first vehicle that carried the name of the new company Alfa Romeo. A young boy of 22-years old named Enzo Ferrari was the second drive of one of the cars of this kind.

During 1960, Romeo focused on the rivalry with his production oriented cars like Gran Turismo Allegerite, the Bertone planned coupe together with a potent double-plug engine.  Among other winnings, the GTA won the opening Sports Car Club of America's Trans-Am championship in the year of 1966.  In course time Alfa Romeo gradually famous for the small cars designed especially for the Italian police. Among them, the cars designed for the Giulia Super National Military Force in Italy earned a great name and fame.

Alfa Romeo went through the declining condition of the industry. During the year 2000 it had to face the loss of 15-20% of yearly revenue. Overall the company could able to continue with all its glory. If you are one of those people who like cars, then your veins are full of gasoline, and their sensation and emotions run full of speed wild with competing victories. So you are really the man of the Alfa Romeo cars. The company’s heritage is clearly seen in the invention of dramatic design, engineering and style that are the blend of the traditional cues in the modern engineering.

Since its inception, the logo of the company reminds us of the connection of the company with the origin. The Snake Visconti in the logo on its wide background, the activities of its employee’s right from the recommencement of the motion of Darracq are all included in the new company aiming at the determined goal of creating three hundred cars every year.

There are a lot customized vehicles of the company. Like every owner of the car wanted natural and protected driving. The Alfa DNA System is very lively and latest model of the car with a highly control device which foresees the over steering. The normal mode of the car suggests the shift of the gear start.   The dynamic system of the car offers safe driving and instant corrections of the drive. As the kind, there are lots of other innovations of Alfa Romeo that will fill you with amazement. Search for the new and best model of the company to get a stylish go.

Alfa Romeo models:

Alfa Romeo 4C