Mercedes Benz B Class B200 CDI: With Bumped UP Power & New Cosmetic Changes

2015-05-31 10:51:58
Mercedes Benz B Class B200 CDI: With Bumped UP Power & New Cosmetic Changes
Mercedes Benz B Class B200 CDI: With Bumped UP Power & New Cosmetic Changes

Mercedes Benz while building this vehicle has tries to focus on the points that had been told to be improved by the auto enthusiastic. The vehicle has been gone through with some cosmetic changes, so it gives feeling of newness. The interesting thing is that the automaker has made efforts to boost its power.  

The B-Class is a vehicle which offers efficiency, comfort, convenience, and performance, as well as an additional class as it is equipped with the three-pointed-star logo. On intermittent moonlight trips, however, the absence of force is more than apparent, and if you somehow happened to take the vehicle which is not face-lifted one such commute, you hardly feel any different. Mercedes made efforts to deal with the worries mentioned by the auto experts while developing this new B200 CDI.

The cosmetic changes whether they are for interior or exterior have been done from the practical point of views, and it scarcely seems any unique about the past vehicle. The front has been equipped with a new bumper as well as the new grille. The others incorporate a chrome strip on the boot, the tail light, and phony accent on the back bumper that make it resemble a twin exhaust while the genuine funnel is covered beneath.

The all-LED headlamps are a significant expansion; however, you may miss the 17-inch alloy wheels as they have been overlooked all in all. The LED lights enhance both the permeability as well as style. The 16-inch wheels have also been designed excessively flat, however. Indeed, even from the interior side, this is more like an enhanced car, with endeavors basically on renovating things that were not considered good. The small screen of tablet size has been removed, and a greater one from the C-Class has been equipped inside the vehicle; the interface has additionally enhanced to offer vastly improved experience. The steering wheel has been embedded with the leather wrap, the dashboard inserts has been made in such manner that it offers premium feel, and many of buttons have been embedded with aluminum wrap up along with premium brushed.

The new instrument bunch has likewise been taken from the C-Class, and all the components of the beforehand propelled Edition 1 have been held. It has equipped with all encompassing sunroof, front traveler seat with electric adjustment, back arm-rest with bottle container and camera for parking. Furthermore, Mercedes is additionally proving optional navigation.

The top critical change has been made for the performance of the vehicle. It keeps on utilizing the 2.1-liter diesel motor, yet rather than tiny 107bhp, the engine of new B200 has been tuned to build up a sound 135bhp in addition to 300Nm of torque. The new motor has a universe of an effect to the Mercedes-Benz B-Class’s the general performance. The force output is currently keeping pace with base desires that are expected from the premium vehicle. At present, it has sufficient fire energy to be a sensible alternative for the long travel.

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