2016 Lamborghini Aventador-SV, Lamborghini calls it crazy, and we think it is

2015-05-29 11:14:54
2016 Lamborghini Aventador-SV, Lamborghini calls it crazy, and we think it is
2016 Lamborghini Aventador-SV, Lamborghini calls it crazy, and we think it is

Lamborghini described the 2016 Aventador SV as “crazy acceleration”, and the PowerPoint presentation promised just that as were getting ready to launch into the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, Spain. But “crazy” is not the world dropped while presenting a vehicle as the company is acutely aware of the implications.

But it was there very much, and Lamborghini is not calling the entire car as crazy but the acceleration and it would better be that only. The SV for the Aventador stands for “super Veloce” which is “superfast”, and the car carries the same V-12 engine that was inducted in the three-units-sold only and ultra expensive Veneno. This V-12 is the most powerful Lambo engine and influences optimized variable valve timing, a higher redline which has reached from 8350 to 8500 and delivers 740 horses reaching 8400 rpm.

The torque of 509 pounds is on par with the non-SV-Aventador and it is peaked at 5500 rpm. If crazy styling was the calling card of the dorsal finned Veneno, it is the race track intention that is attached to the Superveloce and with as much speed as possible. The SV does just that as it completed the Nürburgring lap in less than seven minutes. You see, it justifies the crazy tag. The claimed weight loss of 110 pounds further helps the cause and it has been achieved by manipulating rocker panels and rear fenders and also the carbon-fiber adjustable wing and aero scoops at C-pillar to replace the electronically operated versions that come with the regular Aventador.

You also find reduced insulation and carpeting which largely expose the sexy looking carbon fiber construction, and the racing seats which are thinly padded and fixed back. Other alterations include the lightweight and gorgeous looking wheels, magnetic stocks of lateral strut type, and the lock to lock motion reducing variable ratio steering particularly for the aggressive mode of driving. The first incident we notice during the drive was the meticulously engineered sound, to express the engine’s harmonics. It has resulted into a raw wait of wickedness which easily submerges the instructions issuing from the in-car radio of Lambo.

The new variable-ratio steering took few corners to get accustomed to, and it is extremely quick in Corsa mode and the proactive magnetic dampers had kept things flat. The so immediate turn-ins had us making several corrections mid-corner in the first lap. We kept toggling between the Corsa and Sports mode and found out that the later is equally amazing. With Corsa, you can also achieve hyper shifting and finely textured ride compared to the Sport and Strada, the much softer mode.

Going back to the race track, we came out of the car with whole lot of wonderment and approval for real world as the experience we had inside the car almost had us killed several times within a short span of 10 minutes. After driving it for multiple times the conversation usually centered on exclamation like “I am alive”, “how awesome” and “that was so incredible, I thought my brain will explode”.

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