Ford Mustang GT Convertible Manual, is a real joy to drive in straight line

2015-05-29 11:14:08
Ford Mustang GT Convertible Manual, is a real joy to drive in straight line
Ford Mustang GT Convertible Manual, is a real joy to drive in straight line

Driving a Ford Mustang Convertible is special and if you do not want to feel special in a Mustang then you drive one at Hollywood. Well, people hardly notice you because that is where other Americans too drive their Mustang Convertible with yellow and all.  Well, here is where we took our 2015 Ford Mustang GT Convertible.

With so many Hertz own non-GT Mustangs prowling the streets, ours with the 5.0 fender badges, diffused in body color nestling between the exhaust pipes, and the GT buckle on the rear end, ours went unnoticed in the  boulevards of Hollywood. But you can tell the difference in the audio, the GT rumble of baritone variety, which is tasteful with the top down and also a good reason for spending so much money to buy it, over the EcoBoost and V6 models. For now we will get down to test its performance, so we latched our equipment to this particular example.   Our verdict in one word is “pretty quick.”

 Aaron Robinson, the executive editor, ran the performance tests and came with the numbers. The best standing starts can be achieved at 3900 rpm is his observation, over that it is wheelspin. The 0-60mph mark is achieved by the convertible in 4.7 seconds and the 100mph mark is reached in 11.2 seconds. The Mustang does the quarter mile in 13.2 seconds running at a speed of 110 mph. If we would have fitted the optional 3.55:1 ratio rear axle the timings could have been faster, but the economy would have suffered then.  It is already a lowly 16mpg that we achieved in our tests.

 The Mustang Convertible weighs 138 pounds m ore than the Mustang coupe and it weighs 3948 pounds. With the front wheels bearing 53 percent of weight it almost achieves the magical 50/50 weight distribution.   In spite of the summer tires encased on the 20- inch optional wheels, the convertible just mustered 0.90g on the skid pad compared to the coupe’s 0.95.

We noticed audible cowl shake in our example, and that should be attributed to the slightly compromised structure of the convertible. We will have to shake if the EcoBoost convertible experiences the same. However we agree that this Mustang is no back-road bomber, but a straight line performance car.  But this is a real joy to drive on twisting roads, all the credit to the communicative steering and also the inherited ability to drive from the rear. Brakes work very well, and a yank brings the car to a 157 feet stop from 70-0 mph. The put-off is the stiff clutch which could be a bother in congested LA traffic.

The two door convertible can seat 4 passengers and carries a base price of $42,625 and the test example cost $48,890. The 5.0 Liter V-8 engine produce 435hp and 400 pounds of torque while a 6-speed manual distribute power to the rear-wheels. A top speed of 155mph is achieved by the Mustang convertible according to the maker’s estimate. The fuel economy according to EPA rating is 15/25mpg for city and highway.

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