2015 Porsche Macan S, does not link much with the Porsche family, but it is still irresistible

2015-05-28 10:53:32
2015 Porsche Macan S, does not link much with the Porsche family, but it is still irresistible
2015 Porsche Macan S, does not link much with the Porsche family, but it is still irresistible

Seeing the reaction of women of a certain age when they look at the smallest ute of Porsche, you will think that they are wearing black tights in a hot room. Well, it is not astonishing because the newest SUV from Porsche is simply irresistible as it has been redone from the Audi architecture. 

Apart from the small size you find no visible connection with the Q5 and designers of Porsche has done a marvelous job inside and out. The instrument panel of our test car, however, did not have leather wrapping, but we did not miss it overtly. Standard seats are Alcantara and leatherette, and you can give the price leather options a good miss because the interior in the basic car is excellent.  Huge front and vents puncturing the bodywork produce enough air to cool a truck of Class 8 size easily. Reduction of visual weight has been attempted via a black sticker that is on the door bottoms.

Macan S weights 4351 pounds and a 3.0 Liter V-6 equipped with twin-turbo help to move the weight via all four wheels. All Macans are turbocharged, and the larger Macan Turbo 3.6 Liter engine makes 400 horses, and the S makes just 340. Just initiate the launch and you will see the Macan S bolting to a 4.6 seconds run of the 0-60 mph.  The timing is same as the 911 Turbo of 1986, and it was the quickest for the year in our test schedule. If you do not activate launch control, then delivery is slow for the Macan S, which was what happened with the 911 Turbo too. The 0-60mph becomes slower with 6.0 seconds, and substantial thrust is not achieved till the rpm reaches 4000.

The dual-clutch seven-speed automatic of the Porsche shifts immediately, won’t unnecessarily upshift when driving becomes aggressive, and it connects the rest of the Porsche clan to Macan. The numb steering of Macan though may not be recognized by the rest of the family members. Starting with Cayenne to Panamera, the steering of Porsche is inclined to be sharp and replenished with driver feel. These are things that you do not find in the Macan S, and you can blame this debacle to the all-seasons that the car wears. You can get the summer tires optionally without paying anything. The skidpad is weak with 0.82g, and it is the same case with the 186-feet stopping from 70-0. When the Macan was wearing stickier tires, it achieved a 150 feet stop and 0.89g on the skidpad.

The brake pedal in the Macan is mushy and is enough to get it excommunicated from the family, and the slight fade experienced is not the trait of the lineage. Porsche has traditionally offered options, but the test driven Macan S was not overtly furnished. By adding the info package, sports chrono, torque vectoring plus, premium package and adjustable air suspension the basic price of $50,895 inflated to $62, 230. You don’t need to pay these extra bills because the basic Macan is more than sufficient.  Would we? Porsche has no difficulty in selling everything it builds.

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