Land Rover Discovery Sport, is has the space for back-seaters, but no pace for the driver

2015-05-28 10:52:38
Land Rover Discovery Sport, is has the space for back-seaters, but no pace for the driver
Land Rover Discovery Sport, is has the space for back-seaters, but no pace for the driver

The vehicles with odd proportions seem to be the first love of Land Rover, and if you look at the LR4 you know what we mean. It is top heavy like a concrete parasol, and Range Rover Evoque was the first factory lead sled since the Holden Efijy did not see production. The 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport is another Rover that comes with lots of creativities. 

Looking at the photo you will find the Rover looking diminutive but in actual person it is even smaller. Though it is longer than the Evoque at 180.7 inches but is still smaller by a couple of inches compared to rivals Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. Sitting at driver seat will make you feel small but in a nice way. The space inside is sufficient, and sight lines are clear to show you the corners.  Perched high on the driver’s seat offers a great view all around, and the back seat offers more than the sufficient space where even six-footers can sit behind six-footers. Even the backseats have more clean vision better than the Evoque, with its stylish slit like pinched rear windows. If you call it a fashion poodle then the Discovery Sport is a true transport.

The Discovery Sport also comes with a third row, and fortunately we did not drive it, and we did not want to have it. The third row mostly is of small size in these trucklets, and children quickly outgrow them to be of any substance. However, Rover has offered it as an option for $1750 which also would give you USB Port and HVAC vents. The Disco is also an exception because the third-row option is not found in any other ute. There are more requirements than third-row seats which are urgently required and the powertrain for one.

It is a 2.0 Liter turbo four, which feels overtly inadequate to lug around the 4319 pounds of dead weight. It feels tense, as it struggle for power fist and then pouring too much of it when the boost is achieved. The ZF nine-speed automatic is utterly dissatisfactory with its rough uplifts even when the car is under low throttle and agonizingly slow down shifts. It is not that it does not obey the right foot of the driver, but seems out of rhythm some times. The 0-60mph timing of 7.4 seconds could be improved with the arrival of new four-cylinder engines from the Jaguar family. It is slower than one full second to the BMW X3 with its four-cylinder.

The price of Discovery Sport begins at $38,605 for SE trim but as you pile on the luxury you will end up paying $46,565 that is for the top-end model HSE Luxury. But you get leather upholstery, power rear liftgate, navigation, fixed glass roof and more. You have more opportunities to pile up luxury features if you have a deep pocket. Fuel economy average of the Disco Sport is 20/26mpg for city and highway. Our test vehicle offered us a mixed 19mpg.

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