2016 Honda Pilot, Honda offers style to erase the drudgery

2015-05-28 10:51:50
2016 Honda Pilot, Honda offers style to erase the drudgery
2016 Honda Pilot, Honda offers style to erase the drudgery

Honda Pilot is the "get-go" car when a parent welcomes a second child into the family. This is also the start of sibling rivalry, the death of romance and time for buying a SUV for the family. Honda Pilot is the most popular choice of such parents and contrary to minivan make up the 2016 Honda Pilot comes with renewed style. 

Honda is known for its efficiency, not for pleasantness, and it has become the popular choice of parents harassed with the task of hauling kids. Honda Pilot is known for its roomy interior, reliability, and practical form, and that is what sells this vehicle. It is absolutely devoid of any luxury or style, but Honda is now taking the opportunity to erase this assumption by inducting something that will brighten up life for parents.

The Pilot being always competent did not need any rethinking but only refinement. The refinement for the third-generation pilot began with styling. Honda acknowledges that customers bypass the pilot owing to the lack of style in it and looking at the previous models aptly proves the point. The new model has divested the tough look of the old to inherit sleek new appearance. The sleekness has been derived from the swept-back corners, unified side-glass area, and the tail has been upkicked a little. LED lights up both the front and back end, and there is the 20- inch wheels that you can get for the SUV

Pilot is powered by a 3.5 Liter V-6 engines of the previous, but this one now comes with direct-injection fuel. It is an engine variant from Acura MDX, and makes less horsepower of 10, but needs just regular fuel to run. The 280hp and 2625 lb-ft torque beats the figure of the 250 and 253 found in the old. The five-speed automatic has been dumped to favor a six-speed which is exclusive for LX, EX, and EX-L trims. The high-end Elite and Touring trims are not offered a ZF nine-speed automatic again shared with Acura. The fancy nine-speed is activated from a push-button selector like in the Acura, and it gets paddle shifters. A conventional shift lever is used to shift the six-speed gearbox.

 The Pilot for 2015 is rather large, and its length has increased by 3.5 inches overall and similarly the wheelbase has grown 1.8 inches more. This increase, however, did not fatten the Pilot, and Honda rather claims that it has slimmed down by 286 lbs. Pilot roughly carries 4100 to 4400 lbs depending on the equipment you commission and it is rather slender in a class infested with portly examples.

Honda Pilot can seat seven to eight passengers, and it can be bought either with front or all-wheel-drive.  It is a four-door hatchback model. The base price of the Pilot range is $30,000-$45,000. The 2015 Pilot takes 7.2 seconds to 7.6 for the 0-60mph dash and the quarter miles are done in 15.6 to 16.1 seconds. The minivan can produce a top speed of 110mph and fuel economy figure as per the EPA estimation is 18-20mpg for city and 26-27 for highway.

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