Pontiac G6: the Old is always Gold and definitely Reliable

2015-05-27 11:18:33
Pontiac G6: the Old is always Gold and definitely Reliable
Pontiac G6: the Old is always Gold and definitely Reliable

The 2009 bankruptcy fiasco of GM Company resulted in Pontiac’s seeing the dust, but the brand had always been the parent company’s go to midsize car. The Pontiac G6 offered tactful and unique Pontiac standards which helped in sealing the deal with buyers and steal sales from the class favourites.

The V6 engines, solid and reliable performance along with 4-seat retraceable hardtop convertible body style, all added to the Pontiac G6 appeal and made it a favourite among the crowd. The models which sold in volume became the 4-passenger coupe and the 5-passenger sedan. It came to replace the Grand Am and unlike this it had more flavour and attractions than any general rental car. It made for a mass favourite owing to its cabin materials, efficient and sturdy driving dynamics and a refined engine. Presently its attractions can and do find utility among the used car shoppers owing to the cut-rate pricing. One shouldn’t worry about owing a used Pontiac either for it still products in its service departments.

The years 2005-09 saw production of the Pontiac G6 as a coupe, a sedan and a retraceable hard top convertible; this came as a result of the lengthened “Epsilon” platform. While the convertible and coupe came a year later the sedan found its presence on the market in 2005, the first year itself. The sedan came in the market with three main trim levels: base, GT and GTP. In 2008 the GTP became the GXP. The convertibles on the other hand were only GT whereas the Coupes either GTP/GXP or GTs.

The base model itself comes with several standard features including full power accessories, CD audio and air conditioning and making the buyer even more responsive and interested were the further additions which came in the GT and GTP models. The GT came with an upgraded monsoon audio system whereas GTP or GXP became the town’s favourite with its expansive range such as an automatic climate control, sporty exterior styling streaks and so much more.

The Pontiac G6 engine line up when the brand was at the verge of demise included a base 164 horsepower 2.4litre engine, a V6 3.5litre one and a V6 3.9litre one (this was available only for the convertible though). The engine for GXP was 3.6litre V6 one with 252 horsepower. Except for the GXP’s V6 which had a 6-speed, the standard for all was the four-speed automatic. The 2009 upgrade saw the 4-speed coming with a 6-speed optional, this came as an assist in raised highway fuel economy.

The crisp and sleek outside which G6 offered and the non-traditional interior without any dull grey plastic switches were all a step up from previous Pontiac models. The smooth ride and a low mid range torque were truly appreciated for the kind of fun ride it brought on the road. An improved hydraulic steering setup was introduced in all the models after the year 2007 and thus if to be selected these should be one preferred.

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