Scion iM 2016: Unique Styling to Place it among the Top handlers in this Class

2015-05-27 11:17:10
Scion iM 2016: Unique Styling to Place it among the Top handlers in this Class
Scion iM 2016: Unique Styling to Place it among the Top handlers in this Class

The 2016 iM by Scion has been made by the brand to recapture interests of the young and first time buyers through this stubby 4-door hatchback with a sporty look. After a much awaited comeback from the long pause since its last launch, the FR-S, Scion has now come up with this treat to allure the young blood.

The stylish detailing and unique suspension design of this Scion model might end up getting it in the list of cars in this class known for best handling. While many buyers see it resembling the Toyota Matrix, it actually begins life as a Toyota Auris. The global market will see the Auris offering hybrid and diesel powertrains, a 2litre gasoline engine, an optional all-wheel drive and the engine as coming mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The extensive range to choose wisely from makes the brand’s dream of being a sporty youth brand successful. The North American population though will see the engine options being limited to just one, this being a 1.8litre 4-cylinder, 140 horsepower one which is found in the Corolla.

The concept edition of this model which was shown recently gave a glimpse of the unique features which will grace the Scion iM. An aerodynamic body kit, graphite coloured dashing 19inch wheels, tipsy, curvy grilles as well as LED accented air vents in the rear and front make up the Scion iM. One of its most unique features is the height adjustable suspension which was showed as part of the concept model. If this feature becomes part of the production model as well then it would be possible for iM to enter the race of most responsive and athletic cars of its class.

The late fall of 2015 can be expected as the time most suited for its launch and if the confident officials are to be belived then the base iM model should begin at a price range which is under $20,000. The iM hatchback arrived a little late to the present batch of hot compact hatchbacks and already as its rivals one has in the market the likes of Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus hatchback, and Mazda 3. While the Ford hatchback comes with an appealing interior and handles well it falls short when it comes to legroom. The high tech features are interesting but it is a little louder than its rivals.

The Mazda 3 is considered by many as the top notch and a benchmark in this class with its zippy acceleration, a handling which is easy, comfortable and superb and also offers excellent fuel economy. The Volkswagen Golf is best for those looking for style and elegance in reasonable prices. Also it comes equipped with an efficient diesel engine. It lacks from its competitors though in innovation and unique refinements and features.

The buyers and faithful followers of the company, especially the young lot are in for a treat with this Scion model. The expectations are high and company claims to fulfil them all.

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