Toyota Prius, the Exquisite and Efficient Hybrid Model

2015-05-23 11:22:37
Toyota Prius, the Exquisite and Efficient Hybrid Model
Toyota Prius, the Exquisite and Efficient Hybrid Model

This Japanese Automotive company Toyota according to the 2014 survey was labelled as the twelfth largest company in the world with revenue. Its Toyota Prius, which came to be introduced in Japan first in 1997, was witnessed as a hybrid vehicle. The electric motor combined with the power of a conventional petrol engine this was also the first hybrid to have seen mass production.

The introduction in the global market in the year 2000 opened many doors for the company and ever since it has continued to experience good sales. The model continues to witness good sales across the 80 countries of the world, including India. The distinctive look of the model owing to its hybrid quality makes it more appealing that the conventional diesel and petrol engine models are dominating the Indian market scene. Its 15-inch side wheels at first might appear as if too small, but the low resistance in the same proves to be highly efficient when it comes to maximising fuel economy. The aggressive stance, on the other hand, is a result of the boomerang-shaped headlights and large front air dam. The model is an energy saving one and even the smallest additions in the model talk of the energy conservation. Unlike the traditional bulbs used in the back, we have in Prius LED tail lamps which use less power in addition to being good in appearance.

The stylish dashboard design and a distinctive looking electronic gear stick makes Prius’ interior as exclusive. The head-up display in the interior shows centre meter display, driving information, climate control and a touchscreen display. In addition to these a USB compatible multimedia system, back monitor and push start button makes this hybrid model advanced and appealed.

Presently the Toyota Prius is available at an ex-showroom price of Rs38.10-39.80 lakhs and in two versions: the 1.8 Z5 and the 1.8 Z6. It comes powered by a 16 valve 1.8litre 4-cylinder petrol engine which comes mated to a 60Kw electronic motor. The power output claimed by this hybrid model is 178bhp of power a torque of 142Nm.

An optimum supply of electricity to the motor is provided in Prius with the use of a high output nickel-metal battery. Another glorious feature of this model is that it comes with three attractive drive modes to suit all kinds of driving styles. The three driving modes are Power mode, Eco mode and EV (electric vehicle mode). The combined engine force and power generated in the Prius helps it to accelerate similar to certain bigger engine cars.

The current sale of this hybrid model in India is pretty active, but the vehicle is available in a select few cities of the country and four colour options. The Toyota dealerships around the world which are selling the Prius model claim its high demand and efficiency that is reported in customer feedbacks. In India though Prius is a niche product for there is no real market for a hybrid model here in India.

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