The Affordable and Practical Model by Saab - its 9-2X

2015-05-22 11:28:24
The Affordable and Practical Model by Saab - its 9-2X
The Affordable and Practical Model by Saab - its 9-2X

The Saab 9-2X by the Swedish manufacturer came to benefit the less affluent and younger buyers. The approach taken by the makers was opting for a badge engineered one that is essentially a method pioneered by Saab’s parent company General Motors. They came up with an entry level 9-2X sports wagon.

The production of this Saab model happened rather quick and put together was practicality and style to suit all needs. In the process of this creation though, the unique Scandinavian character was left out of the mix. The 9-2X, of which the X is symbolic of the model’s all-wheel drive system which is the most important aspect of this donor vehicle. Differentiating the model from the rest were its front and rear styling which was unique and exclusive. Also to these were the exterior lines that had been softened. All season tires and larger alloy wheels made the car more practical, lasting and a better choice for the less affluent.

The two engines part of this was although carried over and were very unlike Saab. For the 2.5i base model is accorded a 2.5litre non turbocharged 4-cylinder horizontally opposed engine. Whereas for the high-performance Aero it had a turbo version which was much stronger and more performance oriented. This transformation though was not appreciated by all for the final product lacked the high-end quality which was expected from this brand. It also came devoid of navigation, premium audio and stability control, some of the basic upscale features. The interior which was Subaru sourced appeared in places cheap especially as the product came from such a premium brand.

This 2005-06 Saab 9-2X came within the first year of its launch with two trim levels as mentioned earlier, the powerful Aero and the base Linear. Cloth sports seats, 16inch alloy wheels, a single CD sound system and manual air conditioning came as part of the standard model. The Aero, on the other hand, was more attractive with its metallic ringed gauges, CD changer, automatic climate control, and appealing fog lamps. A further upgrade of this 9-2X was possible with leather seating, moonroof and xenon HID headlights, 17inch alloy wheels and seat heaters.

The engine of the base model Linear came with an engine with a rating of 165 horsepowers. The engines came mated to a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic, and the all-wheel drive feature was standard. The exterior did hint of it being a Saab, but interiors lacked it and were less distinguished. At this price point, the gauges although legible and clean appeared too plain. The two-tone cloth upholstery appropriate for the seats but at the same time the cardboard like a headliner, and shiny plastics used in other places had its appeal toned down.

The practicality was apparent in the huge cargo space with a 60/40 split and with folded seats one could easily adjust heavy cargo. The Aero version though made up extensively for all the lacking of the basic linear version.

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