“The Sports Car of the SUV Segment”- Porsche Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo

2015-05-22 11:26:57
“The Sports Car of the SUV Segment”- Porsche Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo
“The Sports Car of the SUV Segment”- Porsche Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo

The sports car of the SUV segment, Porsche Macan is here but not without being surrounded with huge expectations, be it in terms of performance, fuel efficiency or style. The Macan, on the one hand, shares its underpinnings with the Audi Q5 and about Cayenne it is known to have been based on the same platform as that of Audi Q7.

The whole lot of tweaking done has made Porsche extremely confident of the result and, it has done everything in its capacity to ensure the sporty look that is expected of Porsche. The faith is such that even before it’s coming out the company has this car being promoted as the ‘only sports car in the segment’.

The launch will see buyers choosing among the three choices, these being Macan S, Macan S Diesel and a Macan Turbo. The two S models will come out with a similar price range, whereas the engine is powering the car will be a 3litre twin-turbo V6 petrol version. This petrol variant will boast of delivering a power of 335bhp. The diesel variant, on the other hand, is a V6 3litre one with the power output of 254bhp. The top spec variant that is the turbo model in the series will have a powerful and impressive twin-turbo V6 3.6litre and the most power of 394bhp.

The standard 7-speed PDK dual clutch automatic gearbox assists in the model’s delivery of traction and impressive acceleration. Also helpful and an aid is a rear biased four-wheel drive system. As can be expected of a Porsche sports model, this Porsche Macan also delivers well on its promise of efficiency, edge and dynamics. The handling as predicted is smooth and easy while the ride gives more stability and firmness than any other model found presently in the market and is seen as the competition.

The Porsche Macan S resembles its parent greatly, and the proportionate and compact look seen in this is something not visible in the bigger Cayenne. A sporty look is received through the clamshell bonnet and lights which have been inspired from the Porsche Cayman. The horizontal blades under the indicator make the sporty look sharper. The rear look, on the other hand, is neat and compact owing to the deep-set wraparound tail lights which see a fine execution. The equally stunning interiors reflect royalty with its perfectly finished chrome trim switching which run down the transmission tunnel. The driver-focused cockpit is the same as that found in the other Porsche models.

The well fitted driving position feels perfect, and the driver fits snugly and in comfort in the seat. There are to be no worries on account of visibility as well for the slender A-pillars, a large screen and a raised view of the road ensures that there is an all-round visibility, and it is all clear and comfortable. It comes with generous optional and includes options for inclusion of an extra set of navigation, full leather seats and so much more.

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