Aston Martin DBX Concept, the Reliable new Entry in this British Company

2015-05-22 11:26:05
Aston Martin DBX Concept, the Reliable new Entry in this British Company
Aston Martin DBX Concept, the Reliable new Entry in this British Company

The debut of the Aston Martin DBX Concept occurred at the 85th Geneva International Motor Show, and it surprised all. It was also showcased at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, representing in totality the brand new approach of the company and its innovative approach that it decided to showcase to the world with this all-wheel-drive electric GT crossover.

The British company’s first ever all-electric, all-drive Crossover is the DBX Concept and chances of this design getting a production model soon is very likely. The environment-friendly approach adopted by the company keeping in mind the strict British regulations about the same makes the concept car even more desirable and friendly. It is also the first family friendly GT by Aston Martin and as mentioned earlier the environment friendly stance and fuel economy steps are to an assistance to offset the rest of the vehicles ever to be built by this British company.

The conventional Aston Martin Styling seems to have received a modern twist in this and is visible in the higher ride height, also reflecting the brand’s non-sporting capabilities. Keeping it in the family the model retains the wide grille, a token of the brand and also the front profile which is svelte. In the back, the sloping roofline comes adorned with tow-tone buttresses. The LED lights opted for the rear end is the familiar Aston one.

The design manager for Aston Martin in one of his interviews with regards to explanation and future of this model suggested that the final form was going to be more accommodating and to come with five doors. Although one shouldn’t get worried over an alteration in wheelbase, the roofline though is bound to get altered. The inclusion of electronic Powertrain comes from a futuristic vision which had them thinking about the customer’s need in future to avail an emission-free vehicle. If the product is decided to be sold globally, the firm will include conventional Powertrain options as well.

The traditional V 12 engine will be replaced with a powerful electric motor, specifics of which are still unknown. It will be for the first time in an Aston Martin that power is sent to all four wheels. To run the air-con in this vehicle when standing under the sun, there have been incorporated solar trickle chargers on the rear parcel shelf. The feature will prove of utmost importance especially in the markets of China, Middle East and the US. The gentile models by Aston such as the DB9 will have this as its signature, these floating pillars.

The sole aim of the design manager for the firm Aston Martin is to develop models which are not only sustainable but also relevant in the longer run of events. The vision cannot be narrow neither can be developed for just one kind of customer. They still stick to the thought that an Aston should be rare, but the time has come for them to work on making it relevant to more customers.

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