Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Revised, Upgrade and Stunning New Launch

2015-05-22 11:25:27
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Revised, Upgrade and Stunning New Launch
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Revised, Upgrade and Stunning New Launch

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider 2015 has upgraded, one continues to try to unearth the ways through which it has improved this mid-engine, carbon-tubbed 4C sports car but the mystery remains. The variations have been quite a few and can be seen in how for starters the steering and its handling have improved for the good. The earlier models of 4C had steering whose weight would alter with the swivelling.

The swerves and disconcerting feeling of having the steering weight vary specially in a low centre of gravity rapid sports car have improved over time. This is a smooth ride car with smaller wheels and a higher side walled standard version. The car works equally well without a rear anti-roll bar as well and the sharp edged bumps along the way are also effectively managed in this beauty by Alfa Romeo. The looks are absolutely stunning and a person finds it hard to look beyond the exteriors and settle in to test drive for efficiency, comforts and acceleration.

This Spider version of the 4C by Alfa Romeo with its removable roof has only worked to add another feather in the already decorated hat of this brand. The major modification of the Spider has been this roof top only and thus expecting major alterations or upgrades in the dynamics of the car is futile. The interesting part is that this conversion added only 15.5kg to the car and roll up top comes supported with carbon fibre windscreen surround reinforcement, an engine bay strut brace and a modified rollover hoop.

The interiors of the Spider see air conditioning parking sensors and dashboard which is leather skinned. The headlights added to these are better looking and heftier. The biggest variation comes in the price of its price which is approximately 14,500 Euros more than the last price and this exceeds the amount of Spider by a lot from the Porsche Boxter GTS.

The roof appears similar to that of Lotus Elise but is better sealed and less fiddly in use. The engine used in this is a 4-cylinder 1742cc petrol one and with a capacity of churning out power of 234bhp at 6000rpm. The torque delivered at 220-4250rpm is decent 258lb. The acceleration achieved from 0-62mph is in a whooping 4.5seconds and the top speed offered by this Alfa Romeo model is 160mph. The engine comes mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

The car though with its attractive and sturdy exterior is bound to make many heads turn but when realised practically its utility on the busy public roads the model does not sound very appealing, especially at such a high price. Driving the Alfa Romeo Spider on a public road can still prove to be bit wayward and a bit too noisy for comfort and command. Owing to such lapses and an exorbitant range the enthusiasts prefer over this the other talented rivals of the brand; including within is the attractive and superb Porsche Boxter GTS, which also comes at a lesser price.

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