McLaren 650S Spider Tested to know whether it can outsmart the cops

2015-05-19 10:12:42
McLaren 650S Spider Tested to know whether it can outsmart the cops
McLaren 650S Spider Tested to know whether it can outsmart the cops

The test we are about to undertake is whether McLaren 650S Spider 2015 model can dart  across Florida without being detected by cops as it is equipped with Waze, the cop spotting app. Alligator Alley was the venue to find out and we headed to that. Catch me if you can.

If you have not known the Waze, it is the greatest invention of the 21st Century which usefully detects cop presence by pinpointing them so that you can escape at great speed.  Interestingly the app also allows other drivers to tell you that there is a cop lurking ahead. What you do is to tag a cop when you spot him by pressing the icon on the tablet or phone and your fellow travelers will see him on their navigation screen moments later. Cops must love it like their mom-in-laws. Police departments across the country have complained against Waze to Google on the formidable grounds that the citizens of the town know where their police force is cruising on the highways.

They even resorted to logging false locations so that the data is tainted. We decided to test this and   rocketed to Miami with a McLaren 650S Spider to further malign officer-motorist interaction. The two plans we had the car was either use the Waze or simply get Tased. Well we had second thoughts on the challenge and wanted to back out as I am likely to lose my license.

The schedule was to drive from Atlantic Gulf to Mexico in a speed which is out of the comfort zone. Penalties for speeding vary from county to county and my legal knowledge says that 30mph over the speed limit is the flash point. Alligator Alley has a speed limit of 70mph so we decided to keep it fewer than 99. We spot a cop car with a mile of starting the journey and Waze warned us immediately making us lower the speed. The cop car was a decoy and some block away the cop was there aiming the radar gun, with a posse of his colleagues right there parked behind in a Ford Explorer. Well, Waze or no Waze, a 650S. Spider is not a vehicle a police Explorer is going to catch so easily.

The Interstate 95 was the place to have most fun and a Ferrari 458 Spider challenged us to a duel. Well, we played it safe any pushed ahead only when the traffic is clear on the highway.  After Alligator Alley, it was Naples that we were headed to and the 100 mile stretch had 10 state troopers manning it. The Waze spotted every one of them, so it works.

The test 2015 McLaren 650S Spider is a mid-engine layout rear-wheel-drive 2-door convertible with capacity to seat 2 passengers. It is priced at $282,625 for the base model and the test vehicle cost $351,935. The V-8 engine is twin-turbocharged and had a displacement of 3799cc producing 641 horses and 500 pounds of thrust. Power distribution duty is taken over by a 7-speed dual clutch automatic with manual shift mode and it hit the 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds carrying a curb weight of 3250 lbs.

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