2015-05-19 10:11:26

The 2015 Ferrari California T is an effortless fusion of style and power, beauty and performance, elegance and sportiness. It is far much more than just a car it is a “style in motion”. It has got a generous cabin and gives a grand tour of versatility.

Staring from the front to the rear, each and every inch of the new Ferrari exudes power. The front of the car has got a generous grill that is required to provide air to the powerful turbocharged V8 engine. The shape of the car has been inspired by the styling of the 250 Pontoon Fender Testa Rossa. The front winged line stretches back towards the compact, muscular rear which brings to the sides an aerodynamic elegance. This striking impact has been extended to each and every single detail. The muscular wings are underscored by the bonnet with sleekly styled air vents for engine cooling. The well-shaped headlights, dynamic lines sweep back to the rear headlights that are round and give it a classy look; all these together lend a sense of power and speed.

The creation of the sleek look of this car has required meticulous thoughts, for example the triple fenced diffuser has been optimised from maximum aerodynamic efficiency while the subtle indicators have been integrated into side relevance which dissipates pressure from the inside the real arches.

The car epitomizes speed and passion. The cabin of the car epitomizes sumptuous warmth and craftsmanship. There are three-dimensional air vents; the steering wheel has been integrated with controls. The finish is extremely elegant with prestigious materials that have been handcrafted to give a superb effect. The cabin has been brilliantly embodied to define speed with sweeping horizontal lines in opulent leather trims that underscores its dynamism while the stream lights two-tone dash lighten up the space. The cockpit has got steering wheel that has been mounted F1 gearshift paddles and comfortable wrap-around seats. The aluminium trims turbo performance engineer anticipates the thoughts of the driver and it has got touch sensitive digital display puts all of the turbo enormous potential, response time, and efficiency and pressure levels literally at the tips of the driver. It also gives other useful information such as time and external temperature. The car is also incorporated with a highly intuitive multimedia system with both touch-screen control and conventional buttons.

The central tunnel is fluid yet functional and comes with the F1 signature bridge armrest that provides additional storage space. The rear seats can very comfortably accommodate two children or two adults on short journeys. The trunk is quite roomy that takes either conventional luggage or a golf bag. The vast array of personal customisation gives each cabin of the car reflects its own identity that ranges from the leather to the luxury carpet.

The car is further incorporated with a premium 1280 watt JBL professional sound system. All of the features give the car a seamless melding of exclusivity, elegance and sportiness along with great style.

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