2016 Chevrolet Camaro, you will like this one if you had loved the earlier generation

2015-05-19 10:10:37
2016 Chevrolet Camaro, you will like this one if you had loved the earlier generation
2016 Chevrolet Camaro, you will like this one if you had loved the earlier generation

The 2010 model, Chevrolet Camaro from the fifth generation, erased the nameplate’s impression of being a crude muscle car and also ended the seven-year exile from the market. The fifth generation Camaro with its sturdy built, powerful engine, and independent rear suspension proved to be an absolute modern car and the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro has come to uphold that image.

The 2010 model was heavy and large, and its chopped roof, and high-perched beltline rendered it a cartoonish outlook and hampered visibility. But the car clubbed the traits of the original Camaro of 1960s and was immediately recognized and lauded by Chevrolet fans. During its six-year tenure in production, it sold over half a million units and also overtook the rival, Ford Mustang, perhaps for the first time in Mustang history.

The increased sales made Chevrolet conclude that buyers of Camaro are not angling for innovation. Tom Peters, the Camaro design head said that from every angle the new car looks like the fifth generation Camaro and one cannot mistake it for anything else. The latest model looks muscular though compared to the previous, but is a great bit cleaner. This has been done by removing the pseudo vents fitted on the sheet metal near the rear wheel, but the middle roof dip appears to be magnified. This is rather opposite to the Ford’s move on its Mustang, which definitely appears a proactive vehicle than its existing model.

The glaringly resembling esthetics between the fifth and sixth generation Camaro might point towards the verdict of the new model being a simply updated version. But actually it is different inside.  They sport different platform, and the fifth generation was built on the Zeta platform of GM the new generation car is derived from the Alpha platform of GM which was introduced three years ago with the Cadillac ATS. The Zeta platform also underpinned the current Chevrolet SS, and the late Pontiac G8.

The new platform of GM is both lighter and stiffer, and the results are seen in the reduced weight of the sixth gen Camaro to the tune of 133 pounds. Further nine pounds are lost by the aluminum made dashboard crossbar and by using a high percentage of aluminum in the suspension the car has lost 26 pounds more. Steel components have also been optimized to save weight, and the Camaro SS has overall lost 200 pounds though it inducts a heavier and upgraded V-8. For the Camaro LT, it is 300 pounds weight loss, and it is attributed to the use of the regular four-cylinder engine.  We cannot wait to rate them on our scales.

The base engine for the sixth generation Camaro is a 2.0 Liter producing 275 horsepowers and 295 pounds of thrust and a TR3160 six-speed manual from Tremec or eight-speed automatic from GM is offered. Below five second 0-60mph is expected from the engine. The new Camaro can generate a top speed of 155mph and offer a fuel economy rate of 16-22/25-32 mpg city/highway driving.

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