Volkswagen GTI vs. Subaru WRX, two Legends that are also affordable performance cars

2015-05-18 11:29:14
Volkswagen GTI vs. Subaru WRX, two Legends that are also affordable performance cars
Volkswagen GTI vs. Subaru WRX, two Legends that are also affordable performance cars

One might have heard a lot about the really-oriented WRX by Subaru in the past years and they might have heard more about the Volkswagen GTI hot hatch owing to its long life and its current position of seventh generation.  Here we will compare both these legendary vehicles holding its own in the competitive world called auto industry.

The 2015 WRX has been totally redesigned and has been inspired by the Impreza sedan of the current generation.  The hatchback version of Subaru is not available anymore, so a notchback is what comes to your mind when you say “WRX”. And this Subaru wears a medium-blue paint that the brand has used in the mid-90s when Colin McRae 555 World Rally was in full glory. It is also aesthetically impaired because it is a WRX. When Subaru presented a cool concept two years back, we were taken aback but life restored to normalcy when it actually came up with awkward looking vehicle in its place.

The WRX now wears a 2.0 Liter boxer-for from the FA-series, which is direct injected and turbocharged, on its body which has grown slightly larger. 268 horsepower comes out of it, and it emits a typical Subaru thrum from the exhaust. The engine is supported by a six-speed m annual, and four-wheel-drive to move the car.  The model with premium-pack that we chose carried the price tag of $29,290.

 The seventh gen GTI was in the market for more than a year, but it has just come to the U.S. This is the same GTI which beat the Ford Focus ST in France which we reported in our July 2013 publication.   This is the reason the Ford vehicle is not included in this round.  The 2015 GTI is constructed on a new platform, and it has gained bigger dimensions everywhere except in height. The VW is inducted with the 2.0 Liter inline-four which is EA888 with dual-fuel injection and turbocharging, and it makes 210 horses in the regular model and with the Performance Package it can generate 220-hp like out test model.

The GTI is also fitted with the summer tires, and it is a standard for the 2015 model and torque has jumped from 207 pounds to 258 pounds which are substantial.  The “Clark” plaid fabric encased regular upholstery has more plaids now, and the base model GTI carries a price of $28,305 and the optional  Performance Package comes with $1495 and the Lighting package for $995.

Our days passed in arduously and they were unduly longer, though we used to retire to the South Bloomingville Tavern where we used to discuss the test outcomes. Well, the Tavern is on the loop and it is a country bar where we get to hear music from the jukebox loaded with Western and Country music. To tell you the truth the discussion never pondered on the results of the test, but the success of the Andy Capp’s Hot Fries that were served at the tavern counter as well as the  King Toad and  Urine-Filled Mushroom Chalice, that were local delicacy . We had decided the winner already in the day!

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