Top 6 All Time Best Models Of Nissan Cars

2014-01-19 10:23:17
Top 6 All Time Best Models Of Nissan Cars
Top 6 All Time Best Models Of Nissan Cars

Nissan has been a pioneering automobile company, manufacturing astonishing car models every year. The expert designers of the company have given breakthrough models, out of which a few were really revolutionary and played a vital role in shaping the modern world of automobiles. 

Nissan resembles none other than a legendary company that has long chronicles of remarkable history. Although, each of its car models were magnificent, excluding a few that were (actually) super –magnificent, there are 6 all time best models that have changed the vision of people about the cars.

Datsun 240Z

Entitled as “The Poor Man's Porsche”, the 240Z was the awesome model of Z series of Nissan. Striking the market during the first half of 1970s, the car model was equipped with everything that made it thrilling and swift, yet keeping the price under budget.

Nissan GT-R

There is no doubt that Nissan GT-R model is one of the top notch models ever. It is still in great demand and has been a major breakthrough with its awful 545 HP engine in the latest model. The car is capable of accelerating up to 100 km/h within a matter of a few seconds.

Nissan LEAF

The LEAF is, obviously, not for everyone, but for those who live in the city center and need to travel within the metro area. The model has been presented with extra space and luggage capacity, making it perfect to enjoy picnic cum safari on the weekends.

Nissan Datsun 1500

With a bit carefree design and the mainstream pattern with the combination of the style and comfort, the Datsun 1500 was a major car model with awesome drive. The model was not designed for the fast drives but to give people some time to enjoy the sunshine while driving on the long sunny highway. During its era, the model was in great demand. Indeed, it was the major breakthrough that set the concepts of modernization for the models of the car. Today, this model in the old antique form is priceless.

Nissan 300ZX

Entering the market in the 1990s, the model was an excellent combination of the horsepower and the style. The model was equipped with the powerful 300 HP within the Twin Turbo 3.0 L V6 Engine that was already in great demand during that time. The only factor that made it to get an exit-pass from the market was the high price which was not for the common man. Hence, the model became a power style icon for the businessmen.

The Nissan Automotive Company has plotted the saga of a few high performance car models in the global car market. For buying any one of the models mentioned above, you might have to spend a bit more as many of these models are outdated and cost much higher. The ultimate trendsetter of old times, the Datsun is really hard to get in the present time. Even if you get one, it is going to cost you invariably higher. In short, the Nissan is one of those automobile companies that have marked the golden times with its excellent car models. 

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