Mini John Cooper Works Countryman All4 Offers For Almost Everyone

2015-05-18 11:28:34
Mini John Cooper Works Countryman All4 Offers For Almost Everyone
Mini John Cooper Works Countryman All4 Offers For Almost Everyone

2013 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman All 4 is a vehicle which comes with some choices, but for this variety, you obviously have to pay some additional amount. The vehicle has been made efficient enough to offer you better performance, style, and comfort. The vehicle being small in size offers enough space for your happy ride. 

The Mini John Cooper Works Countryman is not any normal crossovers as many other crossovers including Ford Escape and Mazda CX-5. It is such a vehicle which has something more than the normal crossovers whether it style, fun to drive, interior or exterior. It has been packed with some things that are rare in normal crossover.

This new vehicle offers a number of packages that offers you a number of good things. The black stripe package includes black headlamp which has been enclosed with the Xenon lamps. The vehicle runs on the 19 inches wheels, interior decorated with chrome line, and for comfort, it has been embedded with leather seats sported with red piping. The tech package of the vehicle has been incorporated with navi. The premium package offers dual sunroof. There is one more pack named cold weather too. Of course, to enjoy these packages, buyers need to pay additional amount ranging from $250 to $2,250.

This new vehicle under the hood has 1.6 liter turbo l4 engine which is capable to deliver 208 hp of power mated with the maximum 207 lb ft of torque. The engine has been mated with 6 speed manual transmission. The vehicle featured with the All Wheel Drive system has been sported with a 127 MPH, and it is efficient enough to gain 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.6 seconds. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle has been measured 25 kilometer per liter in the city and 31 kilometer per liter on the highway. Thus, the vehicle offers very enthusiastic as well as cheerful output.

The vehicle has been sported with 19 inches wheels, and these wheels have been wrapped around with tires which are best among all other vehicles of the Mini line. However, the suspenders of the vehicle has not gotten much warm comments from the auto experts; similar remarks have been received regarding the comfort too. The vehicle has been incorporated with a direct steering like some other vehicles of this automaker. The All Wheel Drive System offers you better gripe while having ride. Inside the cabin’s, passenger seat has been replaced with the 2 buckets which have been separated with a rail system central control through which you can control a number of things. In size, the vehicle cannot be said a big one, but it is efficient enough to offer your ample space whether it is rear seats or the cargo room.

It is a good vehicle which is rather expensive than the small CUV for it has been incorporated with additional energy and style. The vehicle has been equipped with better power as well as the comfort so you can expect the fun to drive the vehicle.

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